DIY || DIY 3D Floral Manicure Using Nail Stickers

My Obsession with Manicures shouldn’t be new to anyone who follows me on social media. However, we all know how expensive getting a Manicure can be; and so I’m constantly looking for new ways to get my nails slayed but on a budget.

My search took me to Miniso where I found these 3D Nail stickers that cost only N990 a pack. The pack comes with two 3D nail sticker strips, with each strip having 16 stickers of different sizes. The strips come pre-designed and you can stick them onto your own painted nails or faux nails – whichever you prefer. Nail stickers are pretty cool ‘cos they are an inexpensive way of making your basic polished nail look super cute.

Now, Miniso isn’t the only company to produces Nail stickers and this tutorial isn’t actually my first experience with nail sticker. I’ve used Nail stickers (also called nail wraps sometimes) from another brand on my blog here (see pictures below). So don’t be dismayed if you don’t have a Miniso store around you, you can look around for nail stickers in your local beauty store and I’m sure you’ll find some!

Anyway, enough rambling – Watch this really quick tutorial on how I turned my orange mani into a cutie! … and at the end of the video, let me know if you will consider trying Nail stickers out!

P.S. – Pictures of my manicure were taken 4 days later so yep! They do last.

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