Lifestyle || Here’s why you should enjoy being single while it last!

I hesitated to write this post given that I am in a relationship – a long term relationship at that… but daily I meet and interact with young women who are single and REALLY DISLIKE being single. However, most of them will never actually admit it, but there are some telltale signs, especially in the form of subtle comments, that make it pretty obvious that they’d rather be in a relationship than be single.

Some even feel like without being a in a relationship, life can’t go on as normal and end up hopping from one relationship to another… EARTH TO SINGLETON – You don’t need a partner to continue with your life.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in a relationship, finding someone special to love and be loved by is really amazing; but when the desire to be in a relationship becomes more of an obsession or a defining factor to your life, then you are in serious need of an intervention. So if that’s you, take this as your FREE intervention session by me.

The sad part  to all this though is that society doesn’t make it any easier, especially for women. Women get a lot of pressure to be in a relationship and a lot of backlash for being single. Thinking a little deeper, society is probably the main reason a lot of young women think there’s something wrong with them if they aren’t in a relationship by 25 – hmmm…

Funny Story: A friend of mine turned 24 last year and as expected, she got a lot calls from family members. However, the birthday wishes they gave were not the typical ones you’d expect to hear. The calls were filled with prayers for her to not be single by her next birthday…. Hardly any prayer for her personal heart desires to be granted or for her to get a promotion at work – You know, the typical life achievement kinda stuff. She just got loads and loads of prayers about getting a husband. Well, her next birthday is around the corner and we’re both wondering, what’s so wrong with her being single and 25? Do men also get these sort of calls?

You see, having been on both sides of the door, I can tell you that being in a loving relationship is a beautiful experience – but being single is equally as beautiful. While I do hope for everyone who will like to get married to find their life partner, I also really long for society to also understand that regardless of which side of the door a woman stands, she can live life to the fullest and be happy. I long for a society where being in a relationship or being married isn’t seen as the ‘bestest’ thing that can happen to a woman. A Society where women regardless of their marital status are respected on the same level. Nonetheless, while we wait for society to catch up and get some ‘sense’, to all my singletons out there, here are a few reasons why you should really enjoy love and embrace your singleness for as long as it lasts! (Take it from someone who’s in a relationship #lol)

You’re in full control of YOUR decisions

When you’re single, most of the decisions you make affect you and you alone. So there’s no need to consult with a second party about whether or not you should make decision A or B. You can be as ‘selfish’ as you want and do what you feel is best for yourself.  However, once you’re in a relationship, the dynamics of this changes. Your decisions now become joint decisions, made by you and your significant other – I mean except for life threatening ones of course #haha

You have LOADDSSSSS of free YOU time

Trust me, you’ll miss this when you’re not single. There’s nothing like being able to spend all your free time on you. This isn’t possible in relationships, especially if you have a tedious work or school schedule.  Some, if not all of your free time will be spent trying to solidify your relationship by going on dates, being on phone or video calls or generally just hanging out with your significant other just to get to know each other better. So enjoy your free time while you still can.

Floral Sweat shirt outfit 1

You have more money to spend on YOU

Funny right? But so true! No spending money on gifts for valentine, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas… No going dutch on dates or covering the total bill… Need I say more?

Your happiness isn’t tied to someone else’s

You might wonder how but honestly, if you truly love someone and they aren’t happy, how can you be happy? How can you be alright knowing the person you love isn’t?

Floral Sweat shirt outfit 4

Bottom Line, Ignore the numerous Instagram captions curated to accompany those picture perfect posts of couples. Every relationship has its rocky side but as with EVERYTHING in life, there’s the good side and the bad side to every situation. So Single or not, you should learn to enjoy the good side of your singleness. xoxo

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DIY || Sunburst Wall Decor from Straws!

*This post is sponsored by Jumia


I throughly loved creating this project. Not only is also extremely easy to do, but it is such a gorgeous statement piece to add to your home and all you need to create this Sunburst beauty are

  • A pack of straws
  • Some gold spray paint – Available on Jumia
  • A glue gun – Available on Jumia
  • Some glue sticks – Available on Jumia
  • An old carton – I used my Jumia delivery boxes ^_^

Here’s how you make it

Step 1

Cut out a circle from your old carton and then cut a circle out from the circle to form a ring about 1-inch thick

Step 2

Cut your straws into different lengths ensuring you have enough of any single length. You’ll need about 100 straws in total

Step 3

Heat up your glue gun and begin sticking the longest lengths all around your cardboard ring.

Once you’re done sticking on the long lengths, stick on the mid lengths and then the shortest length.


Step 4

Once you’re done sticking on the straws, all you have to do now is spray paint the straws on the front and back side to ensure complete coverage. Leave to dry completely (I recommend 24 hours) and once it’s completely dry, it’s ready to grace your wall!


What do you think?


You can either use this sunburst decor as is or add a mirror to it’s centre to give it an even more amazing look. You could also add an inspirational quote if you want to or whatever else you’re inspired to add!

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

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LifeStyle || How to Manage Your Relationship on Social Media.

How to Manage your relationship on social Media-4

A lot of people have asked me on several occasions,

“How do you manage your relationship being so public?”


“How do you manage your relationship being on social media?”

The honest truth? I’m not entirely sure, but I did give it a little thought and what I do know is that there are a few conscious steps I take in order to ensure that my relationship with Chi is as private as it can be.

How to Manage your relationship on social Media-1

I actually never imagined my relationship will be one of public interest; but given the circumstances around which the relationship started , Chi and I felt it might be nice to show people that relationships like ours can work. So after much deliberation, loads of conversations and decisions on what and how to go about it, we made our relationship pretty public earlier this year on my blog and it’s associated social media platforms.

We went against all the various advice people give about social media and relationships; but with the number of messages we get and testimonies from other couples, we both agree it was a good move and don’t regret it at all.

That said, there are some limits, controls and checks that we have put in place to ensure that its privacy is still preserved to some extent and that’s what I’m going to share with you real quick!

Here are a few things you can do in order to manage your relationship being on social media.

Separate your moments

I cannot over emphasise this enough. Not everything that goes on in your relationship needs to be put online, even if it’s a happy moment. You don’t need to share the fact that your significant other just got you an amazing gift with the whole world at every single point in time. You don’t need to share the details of every date night you go on. You need to learn to keep somethings to yourself no matter how fantastic or annoying they are – Especially if you’re someone in the public eye like myself.

How to Manage your relationship on social Media-6

The best way to go about this is to stick to popular dates when “love is in the air”. Think Christmas time, New year’s eve, Valentines day, Thanks giving and so on – those are all seasons when almost everyone is talking about their family and the love of their life. So you sharing yours during such a time won’t stand out as showing off.

If you blog or vlog like myself, you could also share snippets of special personal days like birthdays and anniversaries, but even these personal days should have their details kept as private as possible so they still remain special to you.

Know what is acceptable to share

It’s important to know what your partner is okay or not okay with you sharing online. Does your partner want the details of your holiday together shared in a vlog? Do they want people to know about the new car you got? Are they okay with you talking about the fact that things aren’t always perfect?

Believe it or not, every single post that goes out on my instagram, facebook or my blog and has to do with my relationship goes through Chi first; and vice versa. This isn’t always done so the other party can criticise the content that’s about to be put out but it’s always nice to inform your partner about the post or video that’s about to go out. Why? Well, it’s mainly to ensure they aren’t taken unawares, especially if people are likely to make all sorts of comments about the content in question (unless of course it’s a birthday shout out #lol) – It’s just simple courtesy.

Take Everything with a pinch of Salt

Believe it or not, there are many people just waiting around to see if something will go wrong in your relationship or for an opportunity to make a spiteful comment, be a judge, say I told you so or what not; and most times, these people are just sadist.

They do not wish you well in any way, shape or form. So when you see ‘odd’ comments about your relationship on a photo, video or even via instastories, simply delete and move on – Take it with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand, there are some people that do wish you well but sometimes give advice or make comments that do not sit too well with you. Again, take it with a pinch of salt. Even the ‘good comments‘ and the ‘nice ones’ – take them all with a pinch of salt. Never let someone behind a gadget dictate the mood or ‘vibe’ of your relationship by a simple comment.

At the end of the day, most of the people showing love or hate on your social media platforms will only remain social media buddies.

So from Chi and I to you, we hope you do find these tips useful and continue to grow in love with you other whole!

How to Manage your relationship on social Media-1

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DIY || Cement / Concrete Tea Light Holder.

Hey there my fellow DIY lovers! How have you been?

Today’s tutorial is yet another decor DIY (I seem to be loving them these days) but this Tea light holder is a little bit more interesting and fun to do!

This tutorial, like the name suggest was done using Cement!… and a few other bits. I’m totally, TOTALLY loving the outcome of this Tea light holder project which makes for such a cute and aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space!

Don’t you think so?


Here’s a step by step guide on how to make these beauties!

A List of things you’ll need

5 heaped tea spoons of Cement (per tea light holder)

Some water

A Plastic spoon

1 big disposable plastic cup

2 small disposable cups

A paint brush

Some Gold Acrylic paint (or any metallic paint of your choice)

Some sand paper ( I got mine from shoprite for N599.99)

Masking tape


Here we go!

Step 1

Combine your dry cement with some water to make a paste, using the big disposable cup and your plastic spoon. The mixture should be about the same consistency as tooth paste.

Step 2

Pour your paste into one of the smaller disposable cups to the height you want your tea light holder to be!


Step 3

Release any air bubbles that might be in your mixture by gently tapping the cup full of the cement paste on your work surface in an up and down motion.

Step 4

Take your second small disposable cup and place it into the cup full of cement to make a hole in the cement. Press it down GENTLY until some of the paste begins to rise on the sides around the inner cup. When your happy with how deep your hole is (which is essentially where your candle will be placed), place something heavy into the inner cup to keep it in place. Ensure it is right in the middle of your cement mixture and leave to dry for 24 hours!


Step 5

When your cement is completely dry, remove the plastic cups from within and outside the cement mould.



Step 6

Once you’ve removed all the plastic, take a piece of sandpaper and smoothen out any rough edges or bits of cement that are out-of-place.



Step 7

Last but not the least, Decorating!

Use some masking tape to mark out a triangular shape on the side of your cement mould. Paint the inner section with some gold paint and leave to dry for a few hours.

Tip! – Use at least 2 coats of paint to get proper coverage and a rich vibrant colour!

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape and your tea light holder is complete!



Just place any tea light of your choice into it and voila!


What do you think?


DIY || Marble Makeup Brushes

I remember seeing a makeup brush set with the handles having a marble like finish. I also remember really really wanting them! So when I got these brushes as part of the items from my TBP Blogger’s Brunch Goodybag it felt like fate was telling me…

“It is Time!” … “DIY the marble brushes you’ve always wanted!”

… and so this tutorial was born using these uber soft and cute white handled Deluxe Hues brushes!

Here’s a list of some other things you’ll need in addition to the brushes –

A few tooth picks

A plastic bowl with room temperature water in it

Nail polish

Nail Polish remover

DIY Marble Makeup Brushes_

Step 1

Pour out a few drops of your nail polish onto the surface of your water. Make sure you use nail polish that matches the colour of the marble effect you will like to create!

For me, I wanted black and grey tones and so I used my white and black nail polish! If the drop sinks to the bottom, you can use a toothpick to help pull/bring it back to the surface.

Step 2

Working quickly but gently, begin to spread the drops of nail polish on the surface of the water using a toothpick.

Top Tip! : It is best to begin spreading the nail polish on one side of the drop of nail polish. Do this as if you’re trying to draw a very thin line on the water

Step 3

Once you have the nail polish spread across the surface of the water, gently place THE HANDLE of your brush into the water, ensuring you pass it over the surface of the nail polish (See images below).

You may roll the brush over the nail polish if the pattern doesn’t stick to it as you want.

Another Top Tip! : Do not also be upset if the first try doesn’t come out nice. You can just clean off the nail polish from your brush using some nail polish remover and start again (Even I tried it out 3 times before I got it right!)

Step 4 (optional)

If the nail polish gets on parts of the brush that you do not want the marble effect on (e.g. the golden metal part) you can clean it off using some nail polish remover.

Once you’re happy with the design, lay your brush down on a clean surface and leave to dry!

Repeat step 1 – 4 for all your makeup brushes! and VOILA! You’re all done ^_^

DIY Marble Makeup Brushes_-17

See my final result below! What do you think?

DIY Marble Makeup Brushes_-26

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DIY || Studded Plimsoles #SummerDIY

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-14

Summer is a great time to rock white casual shoes. Plimsoles, converses, espadrilles, you name it! Everyone loves to stand out and there’s no better way to do so than with white shoes in summer! Worn with some jeans, shorts or your favourite dress, you can never go wrong with white plimsoles! But don’t go mainstream – Here’s a simple way to tweak your everyday shoes and make them very trendy!

What you’ll need

A pair of plimsoles (Got mine from Primark for £3 ^_^)

Needle and Thread

Sew on studs

A marker

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-3

Step 1

Mark your shoes with little dots along the place you would like to add your studs to

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-5

Step 2

Using your needle and thread, begin to sew on your studs. I sewed my own using thread that matched the colour of the stud.



Step 3

Create an invisible knot to secure your stud in place and you’re all done!



Here’s my final result! – What do you think?

… and a 1 minute video tutorial for those who prefer videos! ^_^

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-15


*Song In Video by Juls – Coco ft Odunsi the Engineer

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DIY || Lipstick Organizer! – Step by Step Guide

DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-68DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-74

What you’ll need

A small cardboard box


1.5 inch ribbon – 1 meter

A Glue gun

Metallic spray paint

Loose glitter to match the colour of your paint

A pair of scissors

A Paper cutter/Craft Knife

A ruler

A marker or pencil

Some Glue – Mod Podge preferably

A foam brush

A heating source – e.g A Candle

A Table Knife

DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser

Step 1

Cut and glue your box to shape. How you go about this will largely depend on the type of box you use and the final shape you want your organiser to take. If you need to cut away some parts like I did, do so carefully using your craft knife and glue the pieces together, using your glue gun,  until your box is in shape.

However, ensure you make one side taller than all the others. You’ll need this for the ‘headboard’.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup OrganiserDIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 2

Step 2

Draw a design of your choice on the headboard of your box using a pencil or marker and carefully cut out the shapes.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 3

Step 3

Once your headboard pattern has been cut out, apply your metallic spray paint on all sides of your box following the instructions on the can. You may need up to 3 coats to get complete coverage of your box.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 4

Step 4

Cut your Styrofoam to the same size as the base of your box. If your styrofoam has holes on it (Which is typical with styrofoam from old appliances), just fill it up using some loose parts of the styrofoam.

P.S. Getting the Styrofoam to be the same size as your box base is the longest part of the whole process. You may choose to avoid this shaping process by buying plain square styrofoam boards from a craft shop.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 5
There was a hole in mine; So I filled it up with some styrofoam I cut away
DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 6
I used a blade and my craft knife to cut the sides until it fit into my box.

Step 5

Place your styrofoam into your box and glue all the edges to secure it in place. Then using a ruler, draw out a 4 x 3 grid on the styrofoam. You can draw out more or less depending on how many lipsticks you want your organiser to hold.

Step 6

Once you’re done drawing the grid, take your table knife and heat it up over an open flame. Then use the hot end of the knife to create wholes within each box of the grid you drew out

P.S. Hot metal objects go through styrofoam very quickly and easily. So you may want to practice creating holes on some scrap foam first. You may also permanently damage your knife with burn marks so ensure you uss one you don’t mind loosing. Do this under adult supervision if required!

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 7

Step 7

When all your holes have been created, spray paint your box again and over the foam to get the foam and the box to blend together. Then leave to dry for a few minutes

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 8

Step 8

Next, apply some glue to each edge of your box using your foam brush and sprinkle some loose glitter over the wet glue. Do this one side at a time and on every single side of the box.

It is also advisable to sprinkle the glitter onto the box over a large piece of paper so you can catch any glitter that doesn’t stick on and reuse it!

Once all edges have been ‘glittered’ up, leave your box to dry completely

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 9DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 10DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 11

Step 9

Once the glue is dry, tie your ribbon round the base of your box and your organiser is complete!

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 12DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-72

I totally loved how it turned out and although it look me about 2 hours to complete (Purely because of the cutting and shaping of the styrofoam) it is totally worth it!

What do you think of the final outcome?!

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