DIY || Cement / Concrete Tea Light Holder.

Hey there my fellow DIY lovers! How have you been?

Today’s tutorial is yet another decor DIY (I seem to be loving them these days) but this Tea light holder is a little bit more interesting and fun to do!

This tutorial, like the name suggest was done using Cement!… and a few other bits. I’m totally, TOTALLY loving the outcome of this Tea light holder project which makes for such a cute and aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space!

Don’t you think so?


Here’s a step by step guide on how to make these beauties!

A List of things you’ll need

5 heaped tea spoons of Cement (per tea light holder)

Some water

A Plastic spoon

1 big disposable plastic cup

2 small disposable cups

A paint brush

Some Gold Acrylic paint (or any metallic paint of your choice)

Some sand paper ( I got mine from shoprite for N599.99)

Masking tape


Here we go!

Step 1

Combine your dry cement with some water to make a paste, using the big disposable cup and your plastic spoon. The mixture should be about the same consistency as tooth paste.

Step 2

Pour your paste into one of the smaller disposable cups to the height you want your tea light holder to be!


Step 3

Release any air bubbles that might be in your mixture by gently tapping the cup full of the cement paste on your work surface in an up and down motion.

Step 4

Take your second small disposable cup and place it into the cup full of cement to make a hole in the cement. Press it down GENTLY until some of the paste begins to rise on the sides around the inner cup. When your happy with how deep your hole is (which is essentially where your candle will be placed), place something heavy into the inner cup to keep it in place. Ensure it is right in the middle of your cement mixture and leave to dry for 24 hours!


Step 5

When your cement is completely dry, remove the plastic cups from within and outside the cement mould.



Step 6

Once you’ve removed all the plastic, take a piece of sandpaper and smoothen out any rough edges or bits of cement that are out-of-place.



Step 7

Last but not the least, Decorating!

Use some masking tape to mark out a triangular shape on the side of your cement mould. Paint the inner section with some gold paint and leave to dry for a few hours.

Tip! – Use at least 2 coats of paint to get proper coverage and a rich vibrant colour!

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape and your tea light holder is complete!



Just place any tea light of your choice into it and voila!


What do you think?


Lifestyle || Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time off for yourself!


Photography by Chibuzo Onukwube @WizChibzy_


Trousers form Kaffy’s Stitches | Shirt from my cousin’s closet | Scarf from my mum’s Closet

It’s no news to anyone that stays up to date with my blog and social media that I have been a bit ‘laid back’ or absent from my blog. Yes, I have been and I’m not ashamed to admit it and there’s only one explanation for it – I’ve been taking time off for myself.

A lot of people get to a certain head space where pleasing others and ensuring everyone around them is happy, takes up so much of their time that they have no time to ensure they themselves are happy. This behaviour is very common in women and even more so, women in the public eye which includes influencers and bloggers.

If only we realise that taking care of ourself first is the only way we can continue to effectively take care of others; maybe then and only then will we understand that it’s okay to take time off for yourself.

HOWEVER! Some people do know its good to take time off, but still somehow find a way to feel bad for doing so. I’ve met a lot of people who even when they go on a ‘holiday’ still somehow find a way to take all the worries they left behind with them on their retreat! Whether it’s work from the office, school projects, personal assignments or business plans… Some people just feel plain guilty when they aren’t working or doing something brain tasking. So I’m going to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t feel guilty when you take time off for yourself to just do nothing!

Taking time off for yourself helps you reflect

Whether it’s on personal goals, recent decisions made, impending decisions, relationships in your life, taking time off to be by yourself let’s your reflect and re-evaluate your life, which is very necessary for personal growth.

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Taking time off for yourself makes you happy

When you take time off to do the things you love or even just to sleep, it rejuvenates you, relaxes you and makes you happy. You know the great thing about it? Happiness is contagious! So taking out time to make yourself happy will also make those around you happy!

Taking time out for yourself is the only way to truly discover yourself

Usman Dam Abuja Demi Akin-14

Taking time off for yourself enhances the quality of your relationship with others

When you take time off to be by yourself, you give yourself time to evaluate all the relationships you have in your life. You then begin to understand which ones are important to you and which ones need to go. You’ll also come to appreciate the relationships you have once you’ve spent time away from them.

Taking time off is better for your overall health and well-being

Getting burnt out, worn out and worked up is no good for anyone and the only way to prevent this is to take time off once in a while. increased stress levels lead to high blood pressure, a break down in your immune system and so on. So before you get yourself bed-ridden in a hospital somewhere, take time off to just be by yourself.

Now I know it’s hard to find time to take time off but trust me it’s worth it. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a physical absence like travelling to another region. Something as simple as disconnecting from social media, staying indoors a bit more or going out by yourself are all ways you can take time out for yourself. So give yourself the much-needed break you deserve and don’t feel guilty about it!



DIY || Dress to Jumpsuit in 2 minutes!

It’s official! I have a thing for refashioning items. When I saw this dress at the thrift market, I immediately knew I wanted to make a jumpsuit out of it and so I did!

Here’s how I turned my thrifted dress into a jumpsuit in a few easy steps! BUT as always, here are a few things you’ll need

A Dress

A pair of scissors

A sewing machine / needle and thread

… and here’s the tutorial! Enjoy!

What do you think?

DIY || Men’s Shirt to off Shoulder Top!


It’s 2017 and there’s no doubt in the world that the off shoulder trend is one we’ll be rolling over into the new year! You will also agree with me that of all the variations of this trend, the shirt style has to be one of the most trendy ones – So I just HAD to hook myself up with this gorgeous top by DIY-ing one for myself!

Now, if you love this trend as much as I do and want to own it in this style BUT don’t know where to get one, don’t want to spend money on a new top or you just want to try making one for yourself, here’s a quick tutorial on how I refashioned a men’s shirt into this trendy piece! But first… Here are the items you’ll need :

A men’s shirt – preferably one that’s not so fitted on you

A pair of scissors

1 inch width elastic band

Paper clip or Safety pin

A ruler or straight-edged item

A pencil

Sewing pins

A Sewing machine (or needle and thread)


Step 1

Iron the top of your shirt so it’s completely flat and straight.

Step 2

Using a ruler or a straight-edged object, draw a line across the top of your shirt about 1 inch away from the Collar.

Step 3

Cut your shirt along the line you have drawn.


Step 4

Turn your shirt inside out and fold it in on itself about 1.5 inches thick. You may choose to iron the fold down just to keep it in place ^_^.

Step 5

Using your sewing pins, pin your fold down all around your shirt.

NOTE : The area around the sleeves will not fold as nicely as the rest of the shirt but don’t worry. Just create small pleats and pin them down. It will be concealed when you complete the shirt!


Step 6

Sew your shirt along the bottom of your fold but do not let the beginning and the end of your stitch meet. You will need a small opening for the next step.

Step 7

Using a safety-pin or paper clip, take a piece of elastic band which should be 1-2 inches less than the length of your shoulder’s circumference and attach the clip to it. Then pass it through the fold you made using the little opening. (see pictures below)


Step 8

Once you’ve passed the elastic band through the fold and the clip emerges out of the other end, pin both ends of the elastic band together. Then begin to pull on your fold to get all the elastic band in it.

NOTE : Do not let the pin enter the fold as it will be hard to bring out.

Step 9

Once all the elastic band is in your fold, sew the ends of the elastic together to secure them in place. When this is done, pull the rest of the band into the fold and your top is complete!


Here’s my final result! What do you think?


If you couldn’t follow the instructions completely, don’t worry! You can also watch me make this top on my YouTube channel – I also have the video at the beginning of this post, just incase you missed it ^_^.

Thanks for stopping by!

Think – Like – Create

DIY || Christmas Chocolate Spoons! – Gift ideas

Still in the spirit of Christmas gift DIY’s, this tutorial is a quick and easy one and it the ULTIMATE Last minute gift that will still show how much effort you put into it! – I mean, you searched for this tutorial right? lol

All you’ll need are

A Mug – Which is the main gift and you probably want to use something more fancy that I used in this tutorial ^_^ It was just for display purposes

Some disposable plastic spoons

A Plain Chocolate bar

Cellophane wrapping paper – Can be gotten from any gift shop

A decorative ribbon

A Pair of Scissors

A Bowl


Step 1

Break your chocolate bar into small pieces into your bowl.

Step 2

Using a microwave, melt your chocolate BUT don’t do it all at one go. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out and check to see if it’s completely melted. If not, place it in for another 30 seconds and check to see if it’s melted.

Do this repeatedly until your chocolate is completely liquefied.


Step 3

Place your spoons in a straight line on a flat surface. Then working quickly, pour your melted chocolate into the spoon one at a time. Once you’re done, place your chocolate spoons in a fridge to let them set.

If necessary, wedge the ends of your spoons with an object to make sure the ‘bowl’ of your spoon is not tilted (i.e. So the chocolate doesn’t spill out)


Step 4

Once your chocolate is set, use some cellophane and ribbon to wrap the top of your spoon.


Step 5

Once you’re done, place all your chocolate spoons into your mug and decorate with your ribbon. That’s all! Perfect way to present a mug to a tea/coffee lover without it looks like JUST ANOTHER MUG!

What do you think?

diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons-3

DIY || Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations ft Bella! (

DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

When Bella of reached out to me to be part of her 12 blogs of christmas series, I was sooo excited to hear that our collaboration would be on a DIY basis + Bella is such an amazing blogger and working with her on this wonderful project of hers is something I’m totally excited about! ^_^

I love DIY’s and had a lot of gift ideas for christmas buzzing in my head. However, while searching for inspiration, one particular gift stood out to me – A Chocolate Pineapple Wine Bottle… and I thought to myself, nothing can be more perfect than a gift that combines Wine and Chocolate. Christmas will not be complete without these two festive essentials!

So, today’s tutorial is on exactly that! How to make a unique Christmas gift which will definitely warm the heart of whoever the receiver is – But first, a list of the things you’ll need!

A wine bottle of your choice

A glue gun

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – I used 63 pieces ^_^ (Actually bought 64 and ate 1 in the process lol)

Cellophane wrapper

Curling ribbon 


Green Cardboard

A Pencil

All materials can be gotten from any market or supermarket


Step 1

Carefully detach the Ferrero Rochers from their brown casing.

You may choose to leave them as they come, but I preferred to take them out.


Step 2

Starting from the base of your wine bottle, glue on your Ferrero Rochers, one circular row at a time. Ensure you place them close to each other as this is very necessary to make it look like a real pineapple. You may stop just below the area where your bottle becomes very narrow or where the foil wrapping of the wine bottle starts. (see picture below!)

Once you’re done covering up your wine bottle, move on to step 3.

NOTE : If you run out of Chocolates right at the top, don’t be alarmed! I did too but concealed it using some ribbon right at the end! ^_^ 


Step 3

Starting with an A4 sized piece of cardboard paper, fold your cardboard into 4 pieces along the short side. Then draw a pineapple leaf shape onto your cardboard (See pictures below for clarity)

Repeat this on as many sheets as you need. However, I used only two A4 sized cards.

Once you’re done drawing on your leaves, cut them out and curl them using a pencil.


Step 4

Using your glue gun, attach your leaves to the neck of your bottle to create the crown of the pineapple!

Do so in a layered manner to create a realistic effect. You can also fill up the top of the crown using smaller ‘leaves’.


Step 5

Once you’re done sticking on your leaves, it’s now time to wrap up your gift!

To do this, simply place it in the middle of your cellophane wrapper and crunch the cellophane together, around the neck of your bottle but at the base of your leaves.

Tie it up with some ribbon and decorate it with a bow or some curly ribbon as you prefer!


See my final result below! What do you think?

DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

This gift will be perfect for your boss or as a gift to a dinner party as it is so pretty and unique. Everyone will be wondering where you got such a classy gift and imagine their faces when you mention that you made it yourself!

… and if you’re wondering what I did with mine, my friends and I had a nice evening eating up the chocolate over a nice glass of wine #lol

Don’t forget to check out Bella’s posts on some fun and creative DIY Christmas ornaments – and because I love you guys so much, click here to view the post and here’s a sneak peek of what to expect!

img_4678 img_4713

Until next time!

Think – Like – Create!

DIY || Easy Tassel Skirt!

I got the inspiration for this DIY a few weeks ago, when I spotted a lady wearing something similar at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I saw it, love it and so I recreated it!

So I’m just going to show you how I made it! – but first… you’ll need a few things

A Plain Black Pencil Skirt

Some Tassel trimming (3 yards in total)

Sewing pins

A Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread 

A Lighter


Step 1

Lay your skirt down on a flat surface with the front facing up!

Step 2

Starting from the bottom, place your trimming across your skirt and once you’re happy with its position, cut off the excess!


Step 3

Using a lighter, burn off the fray ends of your trimming to avoid it loosening up in the future. (P.S. Be careful when doing this and ask an adult to help if need be!)

Step 4

Once this is done, pin your trimming down and move onto the next line. I created 2 lines with a burgundy trimming and 3 with beige trimming!



Top Tip!

You can start off by drawing lines across your skirt before pinning on your trimming. It helps you remember exactly where you want it to be placed!


Step 5

Once you’ve pinned on all your trimming, secure them in place using a sewing machine, or sew them on by hand using a needle and thread and you’re all done!


See my final result below!

What do you think?

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Beauty Tutorial || Cheap Manicures! – How to fix Press on Nails

Fun Fact! : Did you know red text on my blog means it’s a clickable link?

Manicures don’t always have to be expensive and while some are expensive because of the materials used for them, in this ‘Economy’, you just have to behave like a recessionista and look for cheaper alternatives😉 (A term I learned from Indiana of

So today, I will be showing you my new favourite way to get my nails done on a budget! – £1 to be precise (That’s about N500) and If you will like to see a tutorial on how to make your own stick on nails, click here!

So yes. Let’s get started with today’s tutorial. But first, here are the things you’ll need

Your stick on nails

A nail file

Transparent top coat

Step 1

Open up the packet of nails. You should find a small plastic bag with some nails in it depending on the brand you are using. You will also find some nail glue, which is what I used. If it doesn’t come with nail glue, you can easily get this from a beauty supply store or the market (for those in Nigeria) or if you want to use some other nail glue , that’s fine as well.


Step 2

Begin to sort through the nails to find the one that fits each nail perfectly. Arrange them neatly on a flat surface for easy identification when sticking them on.


Step 3

Next it time to start sticking on the nails. First apply some glue onto your nail, place the faux nail on it, press down for about 10 seconds and move on to the next. Repeat this for every nail until you’re all done.


Step 4

Once all the nails have been glued on, file it to your desired shape if need be.

Step 5

Apply a Top coat over the nails to give it a glossy look and leave to dry.

Once you’ve done this for every nail, you’re all done!


Here’s my finished result! What do you think?

Don’t forget to let me know if you will like a tutorial with regular plastic nails – I hear they cost only about N50 in Nigeria lol


DIY || Glitter Phone Skin

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to High Street Mania and if this is your first time visiting my blog – WELCOME! I hope you come back again! ^_^

DIY Glitter Phone Case-2

Today I reveal to you the secret behind my glittery phone skin – one of the most interesting things I discovered this year and surprisingly its super easy to do! Phone skins and cases are something I’m always experimenting with but so far, this has to be my favorite. The most interesting thing about this is that it actually takes no effort on my part and all I need to do is buy the skin colour and type I want, stick it on and that’s all. The glittery phone skin comes like a sticker which you can apply easily at home and it also comes off easily and doesn’t damage your phone AT ALL! However, the only downside to it is that once taken off it’s not reusable but anyways, enough rambling let me show you just how I transform my phone and the application process involved.

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All you’ll need are

Your Phone

Phone Skin sticker – You can get this on Ebay or Aliexpress (Seller I got mine from here!)

Step 1

Clean your phone properly.

Step 2

Peel off the phone sticker from the transparent film and stick it on to your phone. The sticker comes pre-cut for all the coloured areas of your phone so just apply the appropriate sticker to the right part.

Note : The smaller pieces and edges do not stick on easily and so you will need to apply some heat using a hair dryer to melt the glue before sticking it on.

DIY Glitter Phone Case-2

DIY Glitter Phone Case-3

DIY Glitter Phone Case-5

DIY Glitter Phone Case-6

DIY Glitter Phone Case-4

Once you’re done covering up all the areas you wish to, your phone is all set to go and ready to be used!

Easy Peasy! Here are two different skins I’ve used this year – What do you think?

DIY Glitter Phone Case-2


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DIY || Pom Pom Scarf

Let’s just say I’m on a DIY Streak shall we? I don’t think I’ve ever posted two DIY posts back to back but for some reason my DIY senses are tingling a lot these days so yeah… Let’s jump right into today’s post!

You would expect that after spending 6 years in the UK, surviving through main winter and mini winter (a.k.a British summer) scarves will be one of the accessories I am familiar with. However, it was not until recently that I discovered how fantastic these accessories are and how much pizzazz they can add to your look. It was this new-found love for scarfs that drew me to this super easy tutorial + I really wanted something with pom-poms!

So here’s how I made my Pom-Pom scarf in 4 easy steps! But first… a list of things you’ll need :

A Plain scarf – It could either be a new one or one you already own or just a piece of fabric!

2 meters of Pom-Pom trimming

Some sewing pins

A sewing machine

A pair of Scissors

DIY pom pom scarf

Step 1

Using your sewing pins, pin your pom-pom trimming along one edge of your scarf.

Step 2

Securely attach your trimming to your scarf edge by sewing it in place with a sewing machine. You can also use a needle and thread if you have the patience and time!

Step 3 (Optional step to be done under adult supervision!)

Lightly burn the edges of your pom-pom trimming to ensure the ends don’t fray

Step 4

Rock your scarf all around town! 😉

DIY pom pom scarf

Told you it was easy!

Hope you liked this short and sweet tutorial!

P.S. – How many other things can you add a trimming to?

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