DIY || Geometric Room Art!

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Imagine having the ability to paint but without actually painting… To create art and not be an artist…



Well that’s what today’s tutorial’s all about. I’m going to show you how to make your very own wall art that you can scale up or down depending on how big you want your piece of art to be and the best part is, you don’t need to be a genius to make it!

Here’s what you need to make these beauties –

  • A Picture frame – Bought mine from Jumia
  • Some gold Spray paint – Also from Jumia 😀
  • Some Acrylic Paint – I use BHD Acrylic Paint
  • A Paint brush
  • Masking Tape

Now here’s a quick 3 minute video that’ll guide you through the steps! – Enjoy!

Would you try this out?

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DIY || Makeup Wall Art Using Real Makeup!

It seems to me that wall art is increasingly becoming a must have in every room. When it comes to female bedrooms especially, Beauty related, Motivational and Sassy quotes seem to be a fave!

So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make some cute wall art using supplies from your makeup bag and a few other things you’ll easily find around the house! Here’s a full list of what you need…

Some Picture frames

Plain White Paper

Craft Glue – I used UHU

A Marker

Some Lipsticks

A pair of Synthetic Eyelashes

First Wall Art Using Lipstick!

I’m sure you’ll figure it out at first glance, but just incase, here’s how I made it…

DIY Makeup Wall Art-21

Step 1

Lay your plain paper on a flat surface

Step 2

Apply some lipstick on your lips and Create lip prints all over the paper. You can as many different colours of lipstick as you wish to make it look pretty!

Step 3

Once you’re done, place the sheet of paper into your picture frame and viola!

Second Wall Art Using lashes

DIY Makeup Wall Art-20

Step 1

Print out or use your marker to write up a Sassy Quote on a sheet of paper.

Step 2

Once that’s done, use your craft glue to stick your lashes appropriately onto your sheet of paper.

Step 3

(Optional) – Use a black marker to trace out the top of the lashes to create a faux eyeliner effect.

Step 4

Take your picture frame and place your sheet of paper into the frame WITHOUT the glass (This is to prevent the lash from being squashed)

Step 5

Once that’s done, hang up your wall art.

DIY Makeup Wall Art-18

Extremely easy right?

Which one’s your fave?! I know mine ^_^

DIY || Picture Frame from Indomie Carton!

Pictures speak louder than words they say. So it’s not surprise that having pictures all around your living space and even motivational quotes is the new craze. However, having it in the right frame is very very key and a great way to add classic decor to your space.

So what other way to ensure you get exactly what you want than making one yourself?!

I’ve been meaning to do this tutorial for a while now but once one of you specifically asked for a tutorial, I knew I just had to work on it. Here’s a tutorial on home to make a picture frame at home using materials you can EASILY get your hands on. Just look through the list of items you’ll need below!

An old cardboard box

A pen or pencil

A ruler

A pair of scissors

A blade

UHU glue

A paint brush and some paint

Some faux flowers

A glue gun

C’est fini! and nowwwww, here’s the tutorial!

I hope you like it ^_^