DIY || Last Minute Christmas DIYs – Gifts and Ornaments from Toilet Roll!

A quick little DIY for you to try out just before Christmas day comes!

They’re super quick and super perfect for last-minute projects. So here are 2 DIYs you can try out at home to give your Festive celebration that extra touch!

DIY Bon Bons!

What you’ll need

  • Empty Toilet roll(s)
  • Some coloured paper or wrapping paper
  • An adhesive – Any quick drying Glue or Sellotape is fine
  • Some Ribbon
  • Something to fill your Bon-Bon with!

Step 1

Cover your Toilet roll using your coloured paper. Do this by sticking one edge to the toilet roll with your glue or sellotape. Then roll your toilet roll up in your coloured paper and when you get to the end of your paper, glue it to hold it in place.

Ensure that you have enough excess at both ends of the toilet roll to make your Bon-Bon edges


Step 2

Gently squeeze on one end of your Bon Bon and tie it up using some ribbon


Step 3

Take your Bon Bon filler (chocolate in my case) and put them into your Bon Bon using the open end.

Once you’re done, squeeze on the open end just like before and tie it up using more ribbon!


DIY Christmas Cracker from Toilet Roll Demi Akin-15

DIY Christmas Cracker from Toilet Roll Demi Akin-20


They are perfect for giving out as little treats to people who visit you on christmas day ESPECIALLY children! ^_^

DIY Tree Ornaments

What you’ll need

  • Some toilet roll
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some glitter
  • Some PVA glue
  • A glue gun
  • Some rope

Step 1

Cut your toilet roll into 6 small strips!

Step 2

Shape your toilet roll strips to form leaf like shapes. Once you’ve done that, arrange your strips into the shape of a flower!

Step 3

Using your glue gun, stick the strips together at the point they all meet!

To add that extra touch to your ornament, you can add a pearl to the centre of the flower.

Step 4

The final step is to apply glue all over the leaves of your flower and apply some glitter over it!

Tie a string to one of the leaves and your ornament is done!

DIY Christmas Ornaments from Toilet Roll Demi Akin-19

What do you think? Toilet roll put to good use right?!

DIY || Christmas Bauble Decoration from NEWSPAPER!

“Christmas Christmas Time is here…” – In Alvin and the Chipmunks voice #lol.

I love Christmas time, everyone is much nicer during this time of year plus it reminds me of the Jesus a lot – even though I don’t believe He was born on Christmas day but anyways…

Asides from the religious aspect of Christmas, it’s also the MOST COLORFUL time of the year. You cannot go through your day in the month of December without coming across one Christmas decoration. Most common of them all are the Baubles and this tutorial will show you how to make your very own baubles from newspaper!

It’s super easy and a fun project to work on with team members, little children or even by yourself and it’ll look totally amazing on your Christmas tree of hanging around your house or work space!… but before we go into the tutorial, a list of things you’ll need!


Some shredded newspaper 

Top bond glue or any other PVA glue (e.g. Mod Podge)

A paint brush / Craft brush or improvise like me using an old makeup brush #haha

Some Glitter

Some Ribbon

Pearls (Optional)

Now here’s the tutorial! Enjoy and let me know what you think!


DIY || Chandelier Purse from Watch Case


Things You’ll Need

An old watch case

Glitter Foam Sheet

A Marker

Craft Glue – UHU, E600 or EvoStik


Step 1

Trace out the shape of all sides of your box on your foam sheet


Step 2

Cut out each piece of your traced outline.

Step 3

Glue each piece onto your box.


Be careful of those edges that separate into 2 ( See picture below) – For these areas, further cut your foam sheet to fit each half of the side accordingly. Then glue in place and leave to dry.


Step 4

While the glue on your watch case is drying, prep your fringing.

In order to create a layered chandelier look, you’ll need the fringe on the lowest layer to be the longest one vertically. Some fringes come in different lengths but if all your fringe is the same length, cut some inches off the other layers to achieve the desired look.

Step 5

Once the glue on your watch case is dry, apply some glue on your fringing and begin to place it on your watch case (Start with the lowest layer first and work your way up)

Step 6

Once you’re done applying your fringe, puncher 2 holes at the top of your watch case and insert a rope or chain through it to create a handle.

Once this is done, your box bag is ready to be used!

DIY || Christmas Chocolate Spoons! – Gift ideas

Still in the spirit of Christmas gift DIY’s, this tutorial is a quick and easy one and it the ULTIMATE Last minute gift that will still show how much effort you put into it! – I mean, you searched for this tutorial right? lol

All you’ll need are

A Mug – Which is the main gift and you probably want to use something more fancy that I used in this tutorial ^_^ It was just for display purposes

Some disposable plastic spoons

A Plain Chocolate bar

Cellophane wrapping paper – Can be gotten from any gift shop

A decorative ribbon

A Pair of Scissors

A Bowl


Step 1

Break your chocolate bar into small pieces into your bowl.

Step 2

Using a microwave, melt your chocolate BUT don’t do it all at one go. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out and check to see if it’s completely melted. If not, place it in for another 30 seconds and check to see if it’s melted.

Do this repeatedly until your chocolate is completely liquefied.


Step 3

Place your spoons in a straight line on a flat surface. Then working quickly, pour your melted chocolate into the spoon one at a time. Once you’re done, place your chocolate spoons in a fridge to let them set.

If necessary, wedge the ends of your spoons with an object to make sure the ‘bowl’ of your spoon is not tilted (i.e. So the chocolate doesn’t spill out)


Step 4

Once your chocolate is set, use some cellophane and ribbon to wrap the top of your spoon.


Step 5

Once you’re done, place all your chocolate spoons into your mug and decorate with your ribbon. That’s all! Perfect way to present a mug to a tea/coffee lover without it looks like JUST ANOTHER MUG!

What do you think?

diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons-3

DIY || Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations ft Bella! (

DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

When Bella of reached out to me to be part of her 12 blogs of christmas series, I was sooo excited to hear that our collaboration would be on a DIY basis + Bella is such an amazing blogger and working with her on this wonderful project of hers is something I’m totally excited about! ^_^

I love DIY’s and had a lot of gift ideas for christmas buzzing in my head. However, while searching for inspiration, one particular gift stood out to me – A Chocolate Pineapple Wine Bottle… and I thought to myself, nothing can be more perfect than a gift that combines Wine and Chocolate. Christmas will not be complete without these two festive essentials!

So, today’s tutorial is on exactly that! How to make a unique Christmas gift which will definitely warm the heart of whoever the receiver is – But first, a list of the things you’ll need!

A wine bottle of your choice

A glue gun

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – I used 63 pieces ^_^ (Actually bought 64 and ate 1 in the process lol)

Cellophane wrapper

Curling ribbon 


Green Cardboard

A Pencil

All materials can be gotten from any market or supermarket


Step 1

Carefully detach the Ferrero Rochers from their brown casing.

You may choose to leave them as they come, but I preferred to take them out.


Step 2

Starting from the base of your wine bottle, glue on your Ferrero Rochers, one circular row at a time. Ensure you place them close to each other as this is very necessary to make it look like a real pineapple. You may stop just below the area where your bottle becomes very narrow or where the foil wrapping of the wine bottle starts. (see picture below!)

Once you’re done covering up your wine bottle, move on to step 3.

NOTE : If you run out of Chocolates right at the top, don’t be alarmed! I did too but concealed it using some ribbon right at the end! ^_^ 


Step 3

Starting with an A4 sized piece of cardboard paper, fold your cardboard into 4 pieces along the short side. Then draw a pineapple leaf shape onto your cardboard (See pictures below for clarity)

Repeat this on as many sheets as you need. However, I used only two A4 sized cards.

Once you’re done drawing on your leaves, cut them out and curl them using a pencil.


Step 4

Using your glue gun, attach your leaves to the neck of your bottle to create the crown of the pineapple!

Do so in a layered manner to create a realistic effect. You can also fill up the top of the crown using smaller ‘leaves’.


Step 5

Once you’re done sticking on your leaves, it’s now time to wrap up your gift!

To do this, simply place it in the middle of your cellophane wrapper and crunch the cellophane together, around the neck of your bottle but at the base of your leaves.

Tie it up with some ribbon and decorate it with a bow or some curly ribbon as you prefer!


See my final result below! What do you think?

DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

This gift will be perfect for your boss or as a gift to a dinner party as it is so pretty and unique. Everyone will be wondering where you got such a classy gift and imagine their faces when you mention that you made it yourself!

… and if you’re wondering what I did with mine, my friends and I had a nice evening eating up the chocolate over a nice glass of wine #lol

Don’t forget to check out Bella’s posts on some fun and creative DIY Christmas ornaments – and because I love you guys so much, click here to view the post and here’s a sneak peek of what to expect!

img_4678 img_4713

Until next time!

Think – Like – Create!

DIY || Gold Clutch from Sunglasses Case!

The festive season is bound to be full on last-minute changes and adjustments to everything! From dinner plans to venue changes, last-minute change of shoes or an outfit… the list is endless. Well, we may not be able to fix everything, but today’s tutorial is bound to be a last-minute quick fix that you’ll definitely find handy, if ever you forget to get the right clutch to match or outfit or if you’ll just like to create your own unique piece!

So, I made a clutch from an item that we’re all likely to have lying around – a sunglasses case; and I’m going to show you just how I did it – but first, here’s a list of the things you’ll need!

A Hard-Shell Sunglass case

Gold Spray Paint

Some Glue – has to be really strong glue

An Old Perfume Bottle Cap!

Gem stones/Studs/Rhinestones (optional)


Step 1

Open up your sunglass case and place some plastic or fabric into it to protect it from your spray paint!

Step 2

Begin to spray your sunglasses case, ensuring that you do one thin coat at a time, to avoid the paint from running.

Ensure you also let each dry before spraying on the next or just follow the spray paint instructions!

diy-sunglasses-clutch diy-sunglasses-clutch-2

Step 3

Once the paint is completely dry (this varies depending on the brand of spray paint you use), position your perfume bottle cap on it and mark where it’s place using a pencil.


Step 4

Begin to fill up the hole in the cap using your glue gun and leave to dry for a few minutes. Once it’s dry, open up your clutch and place the cap on ONE HALF of the sunglasses case – You don’t want to stick it to both sides of the case as this will stop it from opening up later on!

diy-sunglasses-clutch-4 diy-sunglasses-clutch-5

Step 5

Once you’ve stuck on your cap and left if to dry completely, your clutch is all ready to go!

BUT if you’re feeling a little more crafty, follow the next few steps.


Step 6

Using some ornaments of your choice (I used rivet studs), decorate your clutch as you please.

For my own clutch, I carefully detached the perfume cap, glued the rivets on, and then spray painted the clutch again, so the rivets blend in completely with the clutch! (See pictures below!)


Here’s my final result! I think it looks pretty cool and is definitely a quick fix to those times when you can’t find a clutch to use or just want something different.

What do you think?


diy-gold-clutch-from-sunglasses-case diy-gold-clutch-from-sunglasses-case-2

Think – Like – Create!