DIY || Ankara Satin Bonnet in 4 Minutes

Satin Bonnets… Where do I start? As a newbie to the Satin Bonnet Family, I’ll be honest, I’m only beginning to understand their usefulness and haven’t used one long enough to know how fantastic it is. However, a lot of people swear by it and say it’s good for…

  • Keeping your Hair Healthy
  • Keeping your hair curls in shape while you sleep (if you have curly hair) and stops your hair from knotting if you have Kinky hair.
  • Keeping your Hair hydrated

… and a whole list of other things. With all that said, it will only make sense for every girl to have one! So without further ado, here’s a tutorial on how to make your very own Ankara Satin bonnet!

(Did I mention it’s reversible?)

A List of Things you need

1/2 a yard of Ankara Fabric

1/2 a yard of Satin Fabric

1 inch thick Elastic Band about (25-30cm long)

 A pair of scissors

A sewing Machine

A Safety Pin

A Bobby Pin

Now to the video! Enjoy!

P.S. – There’s a Diagram below this video that might help you a bit more and guide you on the dimensions to use for your bonnet!

Helpful diagram I spoke about ^_^ lol

DIY Ankara Satin Bonnet

Thanks for watching!!!


DIY || Fixing bad Tailoring! – Easy DIY Ankara Shorts

Before we go on… this is a classic case of what I asked for versus what I got…


First of all, the cut of the culottes I wanted is much bigger and looser than what I got and before you ask, the tailor was given enough fabric to make this item but still someone managed to mess it up…

Secondly, what’s the deal with the bell ends at the bottom of the pants?


Anyways, for all those out there who’ve had to deal with situations like this, you know it’s always disheartening when you can’t think of a way to fix the situation; But don’t worry! I got you!

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Over the next few months, I’m going to be figuring out ways to fix badly tailored outfits and today we start with fixing culottes/trousers and converting them into stylish shorts!

What you’ll need

A pair of scissors

Heat bond web ( Nigerian street name : Hemming gum)

An Iron

Your trousers

Step 1

Lay your trousers on a flat surface. Fold it into two sideways so both legs perfectly overlap on each-other.

Step 2

Take your scissors and cut your trousers about 2 inches longer than the actual length you want your shorts to be.


Step 3

Fold the hem of your shorts outwards twice. Make sure the fold is no longer than 1 inches – 1.5 inches wide.

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Step 4

Place your heat bond web in-between your fold and iron it into place like shown in the picture below.

Do this for both legs and you’ll have yourself some brand new shorts


Here’s how I styled my final outcome!

What do you think? Better than before right? lol

I have a badly tailored dress lying somewhere in my closet… I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll remedy the situation (It’s really really bad). Anyways, be sure that once I do, I’ll share it with you my turn final results.

Until next time!


DIY || Ankara Hand Fan

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!

So today’s tutorial was inspired by Nigerian Blogger and Saxophonist Tuke Morgan. I met her at Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 and she had this gorgeous hand fan with her. I asked where she got it and to my dismay she said Ghana sob sob. Seeing as I couldn’t go all the way to Ghana to get the fan, I used the little time I had with her studying the fan trying to figure out how it was made and viola! I figured it out and made very own foldout Ankara Hand Fan and as usual, I have a tutorial for you guys on how to make one for yourself too! (see below)

… but before you go, here’s a list of some of the things you’ll need!

Fusible interfacing – a.k.a Collar Stay in Nigeria (half a yard is more than enough)

Ankara Fabric – about 12 by 45 inches in dimension

Heat bond hem – a.k.a Hemming gum (also Naija street name lol)

A measuring tape

A pair of scissors

A marker or tailoring chalk

Something to serve as handles – I used 4 kebab sticks

E600 Glue or UHU Gum

Pearls (optional)


P.S. – This fan is absolutely perfect for ‘asoebi’ especially if you want to stand out from the crowd wink wink


What do you think?

DIY || 3 Easy T-shirt for the Summer!


Yep! It’s official; I’m in love with T-shirts. So it’s only natural that I have a DIY tutorial on how to tweak your T-shirts for the summer and here are 3 ways you can easily get a ‘banging’ T-shirt for the season!

#1. Ankara Pocket T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Ankara Fabric

Heat bond web

A pair of scissors

An Iron



Step 1

Place your shirt flat on your work surface


Step 2

Cut out your Ankara Fabric to the shape and size you want your pocket to be, ensuring it’s slightly bigger by 2 cm all around DIY Ankara Pocket Shirt

Step 3

Fold the cut out fabric in on itself to create hems; This is why you make it bigger by 2cm.

Once you’re done folding, iron it down to hold the shape

Step 4

Next, place some heat bond all around the edges of your pocket fabric and iron it down to fix it in place.DIY Ankra T-Shirt 4

Final outcome!

How to Style a Kimono-17

#2. Lace Detail T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Lace trimming

Heat Bond web

An Iron


Step 1

Place your lace along the edge/side you would like to add the detail (For me, it was the collar). Once you’re happy with the placement, cut away any excess.

DIY Lace Detail Collar Shirt_

Step 2

Take some heat bond web and cut it into little pieces. Place these pieces along the pattern of your lace to mimic the design. This is to ensure that when you iron your lace down, every bit of the lace is securely fixed onto your shirt!

Once you’re done cutting all the pieces, place them UNDER your lace and move to the next step!

Step 3

As already suspected, the next step is to iron this down in place and voila!

DIY Lace Detail Collar Shirt 2

Final Outcome!


#3. Pearl Embellished T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Pearl Beads

A Needle

Some thread to match your T-shirt

A Marker

Step 1

Place your pearl beads on your shirt and arrange them in the pattern or order you want

Step 2

Take your marker and mark small dots on the spots you placed your beads. This will help you remember where to place them in the next step


DIY Pearl Detail T-Shirt_

Step 3

Using your needle and thread, sew your beads down on your marked points and you’re all done!

DIY Pearl Detail T-Shirt 2

Final Outcome!

How to Style a Kimono-40.jpg

EASY! 3 simple ways to tweak your T-shirts! Which one’s your fave?

Think – Like – Create

DIY || Ankara Plimsoles

Back with another Plimsole DIY and today we represent the motherland! Here’s how to make your very own Ankara Plimsoles but first….

What you’ll need!

Ankara Fabric

A pair of plimsoles (Got mine from Primark for £3 ^_^)

Mod-Podge or any clear drying Glue

Glue application brush

Sewing Pins

A marker

A Pair of sccissors

Step 1

Cut a small piece of your fabric with one edge being completely straight. Then pin it onto your plimsole in along the side you want to add your fabric to.

If you want to cover up the whole shoe, I suggest doing it in small sections rather that trying to cover it up completely in one go.


Step 2

Once you have pinned down your fabric, use your marker to trace out your desired shape on your Fabric (See images below).

This is to help guide you for the next step!

Step 3

Once you’re done tracing out on your fabric, take off the pins and cut out the shape you have drawn.


Step 4

Using your Glue application brush, apply some of your mod-podge glue on the surface you will be adding on your fabric. Then take your cut out ankara and place it on the plimsole.

Once it is in place, apply some glue over the fabric itself and leave your shoe to dry completely! (I left mine overnight)


Think – Like – Create

DIY || Ankara Bow Tie – Lazy Version!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly! Fala la la la, la la la la… lol. Okay! Today’s tutorial has got me thinking about the holidays – Mainly because this is the time of year when suits and formal attire are worn by almost everyone! With loads of Christmas events being planned and everyone wanting to look their best, bow ties are bound to be spotted here and there!

So today’s tutorial is for those of you, male or female, who cannot be bothered to go with the traditional bow tie, want a pop of colour added to your look and want it quick! – My Lazy bow tie tutorial in 5 simple steps– But as usual, here’s a list of a few things you’ll need!

Items you’ll need

A Piece of Ankara fabric

Elastic Band – 0.5″preferably but I used a 1″ band

Iron on Heat Bond Strip

A pair of Scissors

Needle and thread

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 1

Starting with a small piece of fabric (Approx 10″ by 6″), fold both edges of the long side of your fabric about 1″ inwards, i.e. as if you’re about to create a hem fold. Iron it down to keep it in place.

Then fold both short ends of the fabric into the middle of your fabric and iron it down as well! (See picture below)

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 2

Cut your heat bond strip into small pieces as place them on one side of your fold. Then fold your fabric into two and bind both sides together using an iron!  (See pictures for clarity)

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 3

Once you’re done ironing your fabric in place, use your fingers to pinch the middle of your fabric. This will form the bow tie shape!

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 4

Using a needle and thread, secure your pinch in place. Then sew on a small piece of fabric, to form the core of your bow tie.

I used some scrap leather fabric for the core of my bow tie, just to add some edge to it!

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 5

Once your core is secure, take your elastic band and sew it in place on the INSIDE of your bow tie

NOTE : The piece of elastic band used should be enough to go round your neck without choking you but enough to hold your bow tie in place!

Once your elastic band is secure, your bow tie is complete and ready to be worn!


diy ankara bow tie tutorialdiy ankara bow tie tutorial

Check out my final result!  What do you think?

Try this tutorial out for the little men in your life (young children) or as a last minute addition to your outfit, for the perfect chic and edgy look!

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DIY || Easiest Ankara Choker Tutorial You’ll ever see!


Ankara fabric chokers are becoming extremely popular these days and you don’t have to spend a lot to own one yourself! I created mine in less than 5 minutes. All you need to create one for yourself are

A Piece of fabric

A Press on button

Iron on heat bond strip

Needle and thread

Step 1

Measure round your neck using a tape measure and note this length (Mine was 14.5 inches). Then determine how wide you want your choker to be and note it as well (I wanted mine to be 1 inch in width). Using the dimensions you’ve measured, draw out on your fabric a rectangle that follows the formula below –

(Desired choker width x 2) by (Circumference of your neck +1 inch)

Hence, I drew out a rectangle that was 2 inches wide and 15.5 inches long for mine.

Then follow the drawn on lines and cut out your fabric!


Step 2

Place your heat bond along one edge of the ‘wrong side’ of the fabric. then fold your fabric into two to ‘sandwich’ the heat bond between the fold.


Step 3

Iron your fabric in place using an iron on high heat. This will seal/join both sides of the fabric together! (We’re almost done! ^_^)diy-ankara-choker-3

Step 4

Sew on your press on button to both ends of your choker, ensuring the snap together the right way! (I made a mistake at first myself lol).

PLEASE NOTE : You might have some visible stitch marks at the back of your choker. So if you wish to conceal it, just a gem stone or any cute embellishment over it!


All done! Your very own Ankara choker in 4 easy steps!

What do you think?


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DIY || Ankara Off Shoulder Top

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I’ll be sharing with you a simple DIY Tutorial on how to make an Ankara Off shoulder top as the off shoulder trend is really hot this season and so what else would be more appropriate than a tutorial on how to make your very own!

So here it is! A DIY Tutorial on how to make an Ankara off shoulder top and I hope you enjoy it!

But first …. here are a few things you’ll need

Some fabric – 1-1.5 yards

A pair of scissors

1/3 inch elastic band

Tailoring chalk

An iron

Safety Pin

Some thread and a needle

Now that you know what you’ll need, here’s the procedure!





DIY || 3 Extremely Easy Ankara Accessories DIY


Recently, I noticed that quite a number of people have been wanting more DIY projects that have to do with Ankara Fabric.

So I decided that over the next few weeks I’ll try to incorporate Ankara into my DIY Projects as much as I can and to kick off the series of Ankara DIYs I thought it would be nice to compile a few easy accessory DIYs into one post and share them with you – and here they are!

P.S. – I have included a DIY request form at the bottom of this post just incase there are any DIY projects or items you’d like me to create a tutorial for… Just let me know your request using the form below and I will try my best to fulfil them!

Back to today’s post…


Ankara Choker

Items needed : Some glue, a Choker necklace and some fabric

Procedure Overview : Cut a thin strip of your fabric – Secure it on one end of the choker with some glue – Then wrap it round your choker until it’s completely covered – Once at the end of your choker secure your fabric in place with some glue and C’est Fini

Ankara DIY Choker

Ankara Knuckle Ring

Items needed : Some glue, a plain band knuckle ring, a thin strip of fabric and a lighter* (optional)

Procedure Overview : Secure your fabric to the ring using some glue – Wrap it round your ring until it’s completely covered – Then secure your fabric in place with some more glue and cut off the excess – As an optional step (and to be done under supervision for children), lightly bun off the fray ends of the fabric all around the ring!

Ankara DIY Ring

Ankara Bangle

Items needed : Some glue, an old Bangle and a long strip of fabric 


Procedure Overview : The procedure is the same as the knuckle ring project but just with the exception of the lighter step!


You would have noticed that the one thing that’s common with all 3 DIYs is that they all involve wrapping which is pretty straight forward! This method can also be used for a lot of other items such as hoop earrings and belts and what’s even great is that you can easily take the fabric off and replace it with a different one whenever you want!

So I hope you liked them and If you did then don’t forget to share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc! ^_^