SacréBleu NG

SacréBleu is an Abuja Based modest fashion brand. The brand is part of the SacréBleu group of companies. It specializes in making ready to wear modest pieces for the fashion forward woman

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Inighi is a Nigerian homegrown womenswear brand with an online clothing store offering the best Nigerian dresses, ladies clothing and fashion gowns. 


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Fulbe Kloset

Fulbekloset is derived from the term “Fulbe,” also known as Fulani, Fula, Mbororo. The fulani people are found in many parts of Africa:  Nigeria, Cameroon, Central Africa, and Chad.

The inspiration behind Fulbekloset  is to create a fashion brand, that will fit potential clients’ needs while providing affordable luxury clothing. Fulbekloset is based on the ideology of persevering true African tradition, while incorporating a modern essence.


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The Indulgence Collection

The Indulgence Collection is an African inspired modest clothing brand that creates contemporary pieces using a mix of modern/ refined African prints & natural fibre fabrics. The brand’s aim is to promote modesty by creating unique pieces by incorporating our African fabrics.

The message the brand aims to send to clients is that…..modesty is fun, fashionable, elegant, comfortable & stylish.

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Dutsé Clothing

Dutsé Clothing is a new clothing company that creates relatable and quirky items. With Dutsé, you should be expecting high quality pieces with funny and catchy phrases that are definitely going to make people give you a second glance. 

The “CV-I Cook Jollof” t-shirts is the first product in the “I Can Cook” range. Over the next few months, the brand will be expanding to include items that not just Africans can relate to, but all other ethnicities on mother earth!

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Lianor Beauty Bar Nigeria

Lianor Beauty Bar Honey lip scrubLianor Beauty Bar is a Nigerian based organic skin care brand that hand makes skin care products such as Soaps, Body butter, Lotions, Body scrubs and Lip scrubs, lip balm and so on.

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SBC Gels

sbcExtract from brand website :

“Simply Beautiful Collection (SBC) is a British beauty brand, founded in 1988, with many years of botanical know-how.

Harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality and naturally derived ingredients, 1990 saw SBC create renowned ranges of powerfully active natural skin care and body care that really works.

SBC is fuss-free, practical, effective, affordable pampering, which includes prescriptive gels, moisturisers, serums, polishes, cleansers, bath & body essentials to create a dynamic range that delivers pure, natural vitality to the skin…

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Dinki Belle

dinki belle

About the brand :

Dinki Belle is a nail wrap brand that brings fashion to your finger tips with easy to use stick on nails that leave you with a professional looking and unique manicure in minutes. 

The Nail wraps are non toxic and last up to 14 days! All wraps are free from formaldehyde, diabutyl phthalate, tuolene, camphor and formaldehyde resin.

All Dinki Belle nail wraps are durable and kind to nails and provide a strong, protective barrier that helps to reduce damage to nails !

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