Lifestyle || The Downside of Being a Blogger – Aspects no one really talks about

Born to Be Real Not perfect Demi Akin-1-2

Oh, so you thought it was all fun and games? You think being a blogger is all glamorous and cheerful all the time? Well, it is sometimes! I mean being a blogger is amazing and if you read my post on How blogging improved my life, you’ll probably agree with me too. HOWEVER, as with everything in life…

There are two sides to every coin!

… I know, cliche but very true!

Many influencers won’t admit it but the next few things I’m going to share with you are FACTS about the other side of blogging that we all have to deal with and now at the risk of sounding like a weakling, here are a few of the downsides to being a blogger.

High Stress Levels

… Especially if you work as well!

It might look all glam and wonderful because every time you see a blogger (most bloggers) they seem to have it all together but have you ever thought of what it’s actually like behind the blog? How many hours are spent into creating content? How some bloggers cope with school/work and blogging? The amount of time spent?

Now don’t get it wrong, It’s always worth it especially because of people like you (My amazing readers! ^_^) but still, High Stress Levels  is one of the realities of being a blogger.

Feelings of Inadequacy

This is one I personally have to deal with on a steady (Don’t ask why, I just do). Let’s face it, as much as every blogger will like to act as if we’re all not struggling for the same endorsements and bloggers jobs, we are! Especially in Nigeria where there are very few ‘jobs’ for bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong, you should always be happy for the next person as we rise by lifting others but that said, it can be a bit disheartening when work is slow and collaborations don’t seem to be coming in as they usually do or when your social influence doesn’t seem to be growing, especially when you are actively putting in work to make things better and doing everything all the other successful bloggers say you should do to ‘grow’. That’s why a lot of people will say,

Start a blog not because of the money or fame but because you have a passion for it!

Born to Be Real Not perfect Demi Akin-4-2

Loss of Privacy & the Right to Make Mistakes

Many people think an influencer’s privacy is completely in their hands – WRONG! Haven’t you noticed how when an influencer, especially one who has a large sphere of influence ends up in a scandal or is celebrating something in their life, it automatically becomes a subject of public interest? Other blogs spread the news, individuals talk and discuss it with other people and so on and so forth (I’m guilty of doing this too Covers face I WILL CHANGEEE) …

It almost makes it seem like once you decide to become a blogger or an influencer, you sign off your rights to privacy and being being human. Like, you can’t make a mistake or say what’s exactly on your mind especially if it isn’t the popular opinion. Everyone is always just snooping for the next big scandal and ‘gist’ on your life to make your business even more public.

Like guys… Chill… We’re all humans with the same kind of blood right? Give people some space to just be themselves.

So… what’s the point and why did I write this post. It’s simple and the message is kinda on the inscription on my shirt.

We’re born to be real and not perfect!

and a lot of people forget that when they think of bloggers and influencers. So take this as a gentle reminder from one blogger to the world!

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DIY || Revamping your clothes with Appliqué in 5 steps

Ever get bored with certain items but wish you could revamp them somehow? Ever seen a piece of clothing and felt it’ll look nicer is something else was added to the design? Something like a piece of appliqué? Well, wonder no more! This tutorial will show you the basic steps on how to apply appliqué to almost anything!

For this post, I’ll be using a plain yellow top I got from Jumia

Other things you’ll need

Some Appliqué – I also got mine from Jumia or N1,500 for 2 pieces

Heat bond web (a.k.a. Hemming Gum)

An Iron

A needle

Some thread to match your item’s fabric (for me it was yellow thread)

A handkerchief

Step 1

Iron on medium heat, the are you wish to add your appliqué to. This is simply to make sure the area is completely flat.

Step 2

Place your appliqué on your clothing item until you’re happy with its position/placement

Step 3

Cut up little strips of your heat bond web (hemming gum) and lay them UNDERNEATH your appliqué until the entire area where the appliqué will be attached to is covered (see pictures below)

Step 4

Take a light piece of cloth and place it over your appliqué. Then iron over the appliqué with the cloth over it to ‘bind/glue’ it in place.

The heat bond will melt and secure your appliqué in place (that’s its job! ^_^)

Step 5 (Optional Step)

To secure your appliqué and reduce the chances of it peeling off at some point, stitch around it using your needle and thread. Ensure you use very small stitches.

Once you’re done, your appliqué will be securely placed on your clothing and you’ll have a whole new look to your item!

See my final outcome below! What do you think?



It’s my Birthday! || Thankful – My Letter to God!

Dear God,

I’m Thankful…

happy 22nd bday-11

Thankful for the smiles and the tears…

Thankful for the ups and downs, the highs and lows and even the times I didn’t know where to go…

Thankful for the guide you’ve been and the path you’ve made for me….

And like your word says, it gets brighter and brighter each passing day and the lady I am today… she’s nothing without your grace.

Happy 22nd Bday-6 copy

I’m thankful for my friends, both those that hurt me and those that comfort me…

Thankful for the people that have had my back and those that didn’t…

Thankful for the lessons learnt and those I’m still learning…

Thankful for the wisdom I’ve gained through all 22 years of my life…

Happy 22nd Bday-3

I’m thankful for my family and thankful for my family – Yes I’m really thankful for my Family that’s stood by me…

Family that’s been the tool you’ve used to mould and shape me…

Family who’s held me high even when I never felt my worth…

But most importantly dear God…

I’m thankful for life!

A life where I have choices…

A life free of worries…

A life free of and sorrow…

A life in good health…

A life with a roof over my head…

A life with the next meal being sure!

I pray from this day on, my life will be a true reflection of your grace and mercy and enable me with the courage to be completely yours no matter what they say.


Demi x

Outfit details

Black and White Co-ord set (here!) || Barely there heels River Island (similar here!) || Jewellery H&M

Happy 22nd Bday-13happy 22nd bday-9

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DIY || Leather Patch Jeans – No Sewing Machine

Hi Everyone!

… and to those following me on Instagram it’s finally up! Sorry for the delay. The DIY project of the season and possibly my favourite jeans right now ; this DIY leather patch jeans is definitely on trend. Following up from London Fashion Weekend, these jeans would be one of my interpretations for the ‘Punk Rocks’ style trend of this season.

Characterised by leather fabric and studs this super easy tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to explore this trend but isn’t up for buying a completely new item. You can use this to revamp a pair of old jeans – however I bought new ones for this tutorial because I couldn’t sacrifice any of my current ones ^_^. So… Enough rambling – I hope you enjoy the tutorial! If you’ve got any questions leave in the comment box below. Full list of items used below!

PS : Did I mention I did it all my hand? #NoSewingMachineInvolved

Leather Patch Jeans
DIY Leather Patch Jeans

List of Items used

Acid Wash Jeans Primark £11

Faux Leather approx 1 meter £9.64






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DIY || Acrylic Newspaper Clutch Bag

Hi Everyone!

Today I’ve got another DIY tutorial for you which was inspired by my love for acrylic box clutches and also this newspaper clutch I saw online (Click for Inspiration clutch)


I really love this clutch and can’t wait to rock it! What do you think? I’ve got a list of all the items I used below the video but before that, here’s the tutorial! Hope you like it and don’t forget to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below 💋

Here’s a list of the things I used

Acrylic clutch  ebay  approx £10 with shipping

Fabric £1.39 for half a meter 

Mod Pogde Gloss Finish glue

Foam brush





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DIY || Fur Heels! – Tutorial Video

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve got an exciting DIY Tutorial video for you and it is on how to make your own Fur heels!- seeing as we are getting closer to ‘fur’ season ^_^.

What’s even more great about this DIY is that I completely transformed my heels from one colour and design to another colour and design – Yay!


It honestly feels like I just bought a new pair of shoes and I’m so glad I can share this tutorial with you.

I have added the trailer for this DIY to this post and if you would like to view the full tutorial just click HERE. I hope you like it!

Don’t forget to share and also leave your thoughts.

Lots of Love

Demi… MUAH!


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DIY || Summer NeckPieces          

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve been doing a lot of DIY recently with small pieces of fabric and I came up with 3 neck-pieces that are excellent for summer and I have video tutorials for them… Yay!!!


I have spilt the tutorials into two because the first one is quite long. So today, I’ll be showing you just the orange and black twist one and I hope you love it as much as I do!


Thanks for watching!

Until Next Time!!!


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