Beauty || Best Faux Nail Hack EVER! – 100% Damage free – How to make your own stick on Nails!

Yep! You read it right! 100% Damage free faux nails and here’s how to do them yourself! Things you’ll need 1 clear coat nail polish Your preferred nail polish colour A pack of faux nails A pair of scissors A nail file Some toothpicks Masking tape Some grain in a container (Beans, Rice, Corn, etc)…

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DIY || Lipstick Organizer! – Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Cut and glue your box to shape. However, this will depend on the type of box you need. If you need to cut away some parts like I did, do so carefully using your craft knife and glue the pieces together, using your glue gun, until your box is in shape.

Ensure you have one side that is taller than all the other edges. You can glue on a loose piece of cardboard to form the ‘head board’ of your organiser….

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