LifeStyle || How to Manage Your Relationship on Social Media.

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A lot of people have asked me on several occasions,

“How do you manage your relationship being so public?”


“How do you manage your relationship being on social media?”

The honest truth? I’m not entirely sure, but I did give it a little thought and what I do know is that there are a few conscious steps I take in order to ensure that my relationship with Chi is as private as it can be.

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I actually never imagined my relationship will be one of public interest; but given the circumstances around which the relationship started , Chi and I felt it might be nice to show people that relationships like ours can work. So after much deliberation, loads of conversations and decisions on what and how to go about it, we made our relationship pretty public earlier this year on my blog and it’s associated social media platforms.

We went against all the various advice people give about social media and relationships; but with the number of messages we get and testimonies from other couples, we both agree it was a good move and don’t regret it at all.

That said, there are some limits, controls and checks that we have put in place to ensure that its privacy is still preserved to some extent and that’s what I’m going to share with you real quick!

Here are a few things you can do in order to manage your relationship being on social media.

Separate your moments

I cannot over emphasise this enough. Not everything that goes on in your relationship needs to be put online, even if it’s a happy moment. You don’t need to share the fact that your significant other just got you an amazing gift with the whole world at every single point in time. You don’t need to share the details of every date night you go on. You need to learn to keep somethings to yourself no matter how fantastic or annoying they are – Especially if you’re someone in the public eye like myself.

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The best way to go about this is to stick to popular dates when “love is in the air”. Think Christmas time, New year’s eve, Valentines day, Thanks giving and so on – those are all seasons when almost everyone is talking about their family and the love of their life. So you sharing yours during such a time won’t stand out as showing off.

If you blog or vlog like myself, you could also share snippets of special personal days like birthdays and anniversaries, but even these personal days should have their details kept as private as possible so they still remain special to you.

Know what is acceptable to share

It’s important to know what your partner is okay or not okay with you sharing online. Does your partner want the details of your holiday together shared in a vlog? Do they want people to know about the new car you got? Are they okay with you talking about the fact that things aren’t always perfect?

Believe it or not, every single post that goes out on my instagram, facebook or my blog and has to do with my relationship goes through Chi first; and vice versa. This isn’t always done so the other party can criticise the content that’s about to be put out but it’s always nice to inform your partner about the post or video that’s about to go out. Why? Well, it’s mainly to ensure they aren’t taken unawares, especially if people are likely to make all sorts of comments about the content in question (unless of course it’s a birthday shout out #lol) – It’s just simple courtesy.

Take Everything with a pinch of Salt

Believe it or not, there are many people just waiting around to see if something will go wrong in your relationship or for an opportunity to make a spiteful comment, be a judge, say I told you so or what not; and most times, these people are just sadist.

They do not wish you well in any way, shape or form. So when you see ‘odd’ comments about your relationship on a photo, video or even via instastories, simply delete and move on – Take it with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand, there are some people that do wish you well but sometimes give advice or make comments that do not sit too well with you. Again, take it with a pinch of salt. Even the ‘good comments‘ and the ‘nice ones’ – take them all with a pinch of salt. Never let someone behind a gadget dictate the mood or ‘vibe’ of your relationship by a simple comment.

At the end of the day, most of the people showing love or hate on your social media platforms will only remain social media buddies.

So from Chi and I to you, we hope you do find these tips useful and continue to grow in love with you other whole!

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DIY || DIY 3D Floral Manicure Using Nail Stickers

My Obsession with Manicures shouldn’t be new to anyone who follows me on social media. However, we all know how expensive getting a Manicure can be; and so I’m constantly looking for new ways to get my nails slayed but on a budget.

My search took me to Miniso where I found these 3D Nail stickers that cost only N990 a pack. The pack comes with two 3D nail sticker strips, with each strip having 16 stickers of different sizes. The strips come pre-designed and you can stick them onto your own painted nails or faux nails – whichever you prefer. Nail stickers are pretty cool ‘cos they are an inexpensive way of making your basic polished nail look super cute.

Now, Miniso isn’t the only company to produces Nail stickers and this tutorial isn’t actually my first experience with nail sticker. I’ve used Nail stickers (also called nail wraps sometimes) from another brand on my blog here (see pictures below). So don’t be dismayed if you don’t have a Miniso store around you, you can look around for nail stickers in your local beauty store and I’m sure you’ll find some!

Anyway, enough rambling – Watch this really quick tutorial on how I turned my orange mani into a cutie! … and at the end of the video, let me know if you will consider trying Nail stickers out!

P.S. – Pictures of my manicure were taken 4 days later so yep! They do last.

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DIY || Party DIYs for Birthdays, Bridal showers and More!

I celebrated my birthday a few days back and while planning my little birthday dinner, I knew I wanted a it to look and feel a certain way. I wanted to have a few unique bits and pieces to make my little gathering feel intimate and also create a personal experience for my guests and so I got thinking…

How can I achieve that?

I thought of creating party props, personalised party favours for my friends, name cards and so on; but the cost of achieving all this was not something I was willing to pay.

I’ve been in Nigeria for a little while and if there’s one thing I know for sure, whenever party planner or people in general hear the word ‘party’, the price for everything sky rockets. So of course, I put on my DIY thinking cap and DIY-d little wine bottle for everyone, my very own personalised party props and name place cards.


So here’s a tutorial on how I made some of the bits for my birthday party and I threw in an extra DIY at the end which if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve probably already seen! ^_^


Which DIY’s your fave?


DIY || Ankara Satin Bonnet in 4 Minutes

Satin Bonnets… Where do I start? As a newbie to the Satin Bonnet Family, I’ll be honest, I’m only beginning to understand their usefulness and haven’t used one long enough to know how fantastic it is. However, a lot of people swear by it and say it’s good for…

  • Keeping your Hair Healthy
  • Keeping your hair curls in shape while you sleep (if you have curly hair) and stops your hair from knotting if you have Kinky hair.
  • Keeping your Hair hydrated

… and a whole list of other things. With all that said, it will only make sense for every girl to have one! So without further ado, here’s a tutorial on how to make your very own Ankara Satin bonnet!

(Did I mention it’s reversible?)

A List of Things you need

1/2 a yard of Ankara Fabric

1/2 a yard of Satin Fabric

1 inch thick Elastic Band about (25-30cm long)

 A pair of scissors

A sewing Machine

A Safety Pin

A Bobby Pin

Now to the video! Enjoy!

P.S. – There’s a Diagram below this video that might help you a bit more and guide you on the dimensions to use for your bonnet!

Helpful diagram I spoke about ^_^ lol

DIY Ankara Satin Bonnet

Thanks for watching!!!


Lifestyle || The truth about reuniting after a long distance relationship! #RealExperiences

Hey there!

I hope you’re having a nice day. So on Sunday the 17th of June 2018, my boyfriend and I celebrated 4 years of our relationship! whoop whoop. However, the most part of that relationship was spent as a long distance relationship. By most part I mean 3 years #lol.

There are many things we discovered over the last year during what I like to describe as our reuniting period and trust me it’s been one heck of a journey! So to celebrate, we decided to do another video for you guys talking about some of the things no one tells you about reuniting after a long distance relationship. Honestly, once the excitement of finally being together wears off, it turns into something else and it’s almost like you’re learning to be in a relationship all over again (at some point you might wish you were dating long distance again #haha)… but anyways, enough rambling; here’s the video and we hope you learn a thing or two!

Demi xoxo


DIY || Gucci Inspired Bag!

Things you’ll need!

Mini bag – Got mine from Miniso

Gucci like Trimming – I got mine in Yaba Market Lagos, Nigeria (N400)

UHU Glue

 A pair of scissors

Step 1

Cut your trimming to the right length that will fit the area of your bag where you want it placed

Step 2

Apply some glue on the backside of the trimming

Step 3

Place the trimming on your bag and leave to dry for 24hours!

C’est Fini

Check out the video tutorial posted on instagram!

Lifestyle || The Downside of Being a Blogger – Aspects no one really talks about

Born to Be Real Not perfect Demi Akin-1-2

Oh, so you thought it was all fun and games? You think being a blogger is all glamorous and cheerful all the time? Well, it is sometimes! I mean being a blogger is amazing and if you read my post on How blogging improved my life, you’ll probably agree with me too. HOWEVER, as with everything in life…

There are two sides to every coin!

… I know, cliche but very true!

Many influencers won’t admit it but the next few things I’m going to share with you are FACTS about the other side of blogging that we all have to deal with and now at the risk of sounding like a weakling, here are a few of the downsides to being a blogger.

High Stress Levels

… Especially if you work as well!

It might look all glam and wonderful because every time you see a blogger (most bloggers) they seem to have it all together but have you ever thought of what it’s actually like behind the blog? How many hours are spent into creating content? How some bloggers cope with school/work and blogging? The amount of time spent?

Now don’t get it wrong, It’s always worth it especially because of people like you (My amazing readers! ^_^) but still, High Stress Levels  is one of the realities of being a blogger.

Feelings of Inadequacy

This is one I personally have to deal with on a steady (Don’t ask why, I just do). Let’s face it, as much as every blogger will like to act as if we’re all not struggling for the same endorsements and bloggers jobs, we are! Especially in Nigeria where there are very few ‘jobs’ for bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong, you should always be happy for the next person as we rise by lifting others but that said, it can be a bit disheartening when work is slow and collaborations don’t seem to be coming in as they usually do or when your social influence doesn’t seem to be growing, especially when you are actively putting in work to make things better and doing everything all the other successful bloggers say you should do to ‘grow’. That’s why a lot of people will say,

Start a blog not because of the money or fame but because you have a passion for it!

Born to Be Real Not perfect Demi Akin-4-2

Loss of Privacy & the Right to Make Mistakes

Many people think an influencer’s privacy is completely in their hands – WRONG! Haven’t you noticed how when an influencer, especially one who has a large sphere of influence ends up in a scandal or is celebrating something in their life, it automatically becomes a subject of public interest? Other blogs spread the news, individuals talk and discuss it with other people and so on and so forth (I’m guilty of doing this too Covers face I WILL CHANGEEE) …

It almost makes it seem like once you decide to become a blogger or an influencer, you sign off your rights to privacy and being being human. Like, you can’t make a mistake or say what’s exactly on your mind especially if it isn’t the popular opinion. Everyone is always just snooping for the next big scandal and ‘gist’ on your life to make your business even more public.

Like guys… Chill… We’re all humans with the same kind of blood right? Give people some space to just be themselves.

So… what’s the point and why did I write this post. It’s simple and the message is kinda on the inscription on my shirt.

We’re born to be real and not perfect!

and a lot of people forget that when they think of bloggers and influencers. So take this as a gentle reminder from one blogger to the world!

Born to Be Real Not perfect Demi Akin-6-2


DIY || Revamping your clothes with Appliqué in 5 steps

Ever get bored with certain items but wish you could revamp them somehow? Ever seen a piece of clothing and felt it’ll look nicer is something else was added to the design? Something like a piece of appliqué? Well, wonder no more! This tutorial will show you the basic steps on how to apply appliqué to almost anything!

For this post, I’ll be using a plain yellow top I got from Jumia

Other things you’ll need

Some Appliqué – I also got mine from Jumia or N1,500 for 2 pieces

Heat bond web (a.k.a. Hemming Gum)

An Iron

A needle

Some thread to match your item’s fabric (for me it was yellow thread)

A handkerchief

Step 1

Iron on medium heat, the are you wish to add your appliqué to. This is simply to make sure the area is completely flat.

Step 2

Place your appliqué on your clothing item until you’re happy with its position/placement

Step 3

Cut up little strips of your heat bond web (hemming gum) and lay them UNDERNEATH your appliqué until the entire area where the appliqué will be attached to is covered (see pictures below)

Step 4

Take a light piece of cloth and place it over your appliqué. Then iron over the appliqué with the cloth over it to ‘bind/glue’ it in place.

The heat bond will melt and secure your appliqué in place (that’s its job! ^_^)

Step 5 (Optional Step)

To secure your appliqué and reduce the chances of it peeling off at some point, stitch around it using your needle and thread. Ensure you use very small stitches.

Once you’re done, your appliqué will be securely placed on your clothing and you’ll have a whole new look to your item!

See my final outcome below! What do you think?



Lifestyle || How to Sustain a long distance relationship – My 5 Top Tips!

I feel as if this is a long overdue post. However, my reluctance to actually sit down and pen down type my thoughts on this subject is probably due to the fact that there are a thousand and one opinions on this topic. Every long distance relationship is unique in it’s own way. That said, I do believe there are a few things that all persons in long distance relationships (or those considering long distance relationships) must do to make things work!

So having dated Chi for 3 years long distance, I think it’s about time to tell you a few things we did to make the relationship work!

#1 – Communicate Constantly

I CANNOT stress this enough. Yes every relationship needs good communication but in a long distance relationship, it is even more important. Why? Well for one, you need a way to stay in touch as you are miles apart from each-other. Two, it makes you involved in the other person’s life as you’ll probably always talk about things you’ve done during the day or are about to do.

Ensure you discuss new decisions you intend on making, seek for your partners opinion and advice on situations. Do not make a life changing decision and inform your partner after it’s done and dusted. Constant communication not only allows you to know the other person is doing okay, but it makes both parties feel involved in the other person’s life.; Greet each-other in the morning and night- it is very very important


Chi and I literally were in contact every single day! Although some people think we were a bit excessive, we could tell what the next move of the other person will be which was also great for building trust!

#2 – Keep External Parties External

All outside parties should remain outside. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take advice from people around you but know when to draw the line. Keep the details of your arguments, the good times, special moments to yourselves. Long distance relationships are complex enough for you to include comments and unsolicited opinions from other people into the mix.

Some people wish you well and some don’t. The sad part is you can’t always tell who is who so it’s best to avoid unnecessary chit chat about your relationship.

#3 – Do things together

You’re probably wondering how this is possible but trust me it is! I remember my housemates walking into my room in uni and asking “What are you doing?” and I’d often times reply “Watching a movie with Chi”… We had days when we decided on a movie we both want to watch, we’ll start the movie together over a video or voice call, end the call and make commentaries about it as the movie went along via text – I know, that’s a lot of effort, but it’s the sort of thing that kept our 3 year long distance relationship going.


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Now I’m not saying you should do the exact same thing but you need to find ways to do things together. Recommend series that both of you can watch separately and talk about later. Recommend music albums to listen to. If you both love to read, recommend books. Take the other person shopping with you via Skype or Whatsapp. Be creative in finding things to do together!

#4 – Remember important dates

… and I’m not talking about Birthdays, Valentine day and so on. Those are given. I’m talking about dates like when exams start (if either party is studying), the date for that job interview, the first day of work, the date for that special program your partner is organising and so on. Not only does it show that you care enough to remember the little things, it also shows that you are interested in every aspect of your partners life.

Wherever possible, celebrate such dates and occasions. Making the little things count will also help build memories.


#5 – Be honest

Last but not the least, do not create room for doubt or distrust between you and your partner. It’s the last thing you need in a Long distance relationship and dishonesty will inevitably lead to the death of your relationship.

These tips and a few other things are what kept Chi and I together for 3 years and so from us, we hope they do help another couple out there foster and make their love even more beautiful!


Beauty || Did you know Makeup Expires?

[Post originally written March 2015 by Demi Akin]

Have you ever wondered if make-up expires? I’m wondered the same too at some point in my life and I’m here to tell you that yes! However, you’ll probably pick up a product now and look all over it, wondering where exactly the best before date is right?

Take a minute to look at your product again. The truth is, you probably wouldn’t find a best before date but what you will find is a little round container logo with an open lid and a number on the container.



That’s the ‘expiry’ time of your product. It’s not exactly a date but it tells you the recommended number for months for which you should use your product, from the first day you open it up!

You will be shocked at how many products have this icon on them – Shower gel, Mascara, Highlighters, Powders, Lipsticks – you name it! Now, there’s no specific place where this icon is placed. However, you’ll usually find it at the bottom of your product or on the box packaging. It may also be under a label or barcode but sometimes, the logo is quite small and illegible. If you find yourself in such a situation, but really want to know its ‘expiry time’, I advice you check out the company’s website or ‘uncle’ google.

In my personal opinion, I really feel this time frame is just a recommendation as I’ve been using the same contour kit since 2015 and it still looks fine and I don’t react to it – but then again I could be wrong. Anyways, now you know this little piece of information and the next time you open up a new product, be sure to note down the expiry date.