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I’m Demi and my guess is you’ve clicked on my about page because you’re curious to know what my blog is really about and the girl behind it as well! So, I’m going to get right to it!

DemiAkin.com is my personal Lifestyle blog and here I share loads of Inspiring DIY Tutorials, Lifestyle Tips and other little bits of my life! However, everything on here is written to help someone else from my personal experience – be it a review of a product or place, a life lesson learnt or something completely random! Every post has the reader’s best interest at heart!

On the other hand, Demi Akin is just your average 20-something year old girl trying to navigate her way through life. Fun fact! I’m actually a geek at heart and have a degree in Engineering; but along the way, as life would have it, I’ve found myself working in the content creation industry as a business identity developer. You can read a few more fun facts about me here if you please ^_^.

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So there you have it – In a few simple words, that’s what my blog is about and the girl behind the blog!

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