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Is being happy important?

You’ll be surprised that some people have rationalised that being Happy isn’t all that… Well I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but I choose to believe that being happy is essential to a healthy, productive and long life. However, many people may feel like being Happy at all times isn’t possible but I am of the opinion that a person can be Happy at all times. If you don’t agree, then permit me to say you may not have a full understanding of what true happiness means…

Let me explain…

Happiness isn’t just a feeling, it is a state. Happiness isn’t a personality trait, it is a state we find ourselves in when certain factors come together. So, don’t you think it is possible to learn to dwell in a Happy state? No one is born Happy; We learn what Happiness is. We’re taught how to be Happy and so Happiness is a conscious choice.

This therefore means that the ability to maintain a state of happiness is completely up to you. I know you’ve probably heard it a billion times but it actually is completely up to you. We must teach ourselves to appreciate the good times and make the most of them and also cope with those difficult times that will definitely come our way. I think the difficulty comes when we think being Happy means things have to always be good or bad situations will never come our way… But no, that isn’t it.

Being happy doesn’t mean you will always feel good inside. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel let down at times. Being happy means choosing to always look on the bright side of things and stay positive.

So how exactly can you be Happy at all times? How can you remain in a state of total happiness?

Be open to change – It is inevitable so being able to accept change is key…

Do the things you love

Hold on to your values

Stay true to yourself

Listen to your heart

Let go of dead weight – Whatever that is to you…

Appreciate what you have – Learn to be content…

Learn to be grateful

Dwell on what is actually important – and not what you think is important…

Cut your clothes according to your size – Especially money wise…

Spend time with people who make you happy – Friends, Family, Colleagues, you name it…

In a nutshell, understand what makes you happy and do it.

*This Post is sponsored by Virtue Clothier. Virtue Clothier is a made in Nigerian brand that curates stylish and carefully tailored pieces for the modern woman who not only wants to look good, but also save some money while doing so ^_^. My outfit is valued at N7,250 at the time this post was published and can be purchased right here!  – Take a look at their online store and thank me later! xoxo

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