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Cold Stone Creamery

If you live in Nigeria, you can agree with me that it’s nearly impossible to not have this place on the list of top places to go for a sweet treat ANYWHERE in Nigeria. I love cold stone creamery so much and it’s always on the top of my list. I’ve pretty much tasted something from every single product range they have, even down to the ice-cream cupcakes. Not only is the ice-cream sold here amazeballs, but they are always coming up with something new for you to try out from time to time – like the recently launched freak shakes! Have you tried it out?



Yogurberry is another spot that not just I, but my entire family loves. It’s what we’ll describe as a guilt free treat spot as their yogurt is 100% fat fee but taste just as creamy as ice-cream. However, they only have a few flavour options for you to choose from but oh wells, still a fave! My current favourite from the range of flavours they have is the Cookies and Cream – You should try it out if you stay in Abuja (You won’t regret it!)

Waffle Stop

When I was in the UK, I used to go to a place called Creams. It was one of the few spots I knew I’d miss when I moved back to Nigeria; But then I moved back and  stumbled upon Waffle Stop. It was as if God intentionally gave someone this business idea just for me to have a place to buy waffles. I love the waffles from waffle stop A LOT that I think I’ve recommended it to anyone that loves ije ku’je just as much as I do #haha

However, I haven’t been here recently as they just reopened a while back but I’m currently looking forward to the next opportunity to stop by Waffle stop. That said, anyone wanna go with me?

Donut Factory

I think the name is self explanatory #haha. In my opinion, this is the ish when it comes to affordable and tasty Donuts in Abuja. Although in recent times and mainly due to me trying to cut down on the amount of ‘not so good stuff’ I eat, I haven’t ordered a box of donuts in 6 months. However, there was a time I used to order donuts so much from the Donut factory that I got a free box at the end of the year for my continuous patronage #lol. You could say I was addicted to their donuts as once, I sneaked in a box into the cinema just because covers face.

So yeah, you should try out these donuts that made me break the Cinema rules – You’ll love them


This is a spot I literally just fell in love with recently and there are two reasons. First one is the stores outer walls are all pink #haha and the second reason of course is I love their cheese cake.




Have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comment section! ^_^

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4 replies on “Lifestyle || 5 Sweet Treat Havens I love in Abuja

  1. You really love sugar lol! I have only been to cold stone and I love it though I only get 3 flavors – coffee, mint and chocolate. I love adding waffles. Sweet tooth is an expensive lifestyle o! I think there’s places like Cakehut, The Dessert Pit, Larusha’s Treats etc though I’ve never been there.

    1. I’ve been to Cakehut, haven’t been to dessert pit but with a name like that, I’ll check it out deffffff!!!! And don’t worry – I brush 2 times a day and floss regularly #haha


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