Brand Highlight|| Wheeniey Ahupa

A little while back (during my blog break), I got a little package delivered to me while at work. Now, I remember that day very clearly because it wasn’t particularly one of my best days… but when I opened the package and saw the cute monochromatic dress tucked within it, I knew my day was going to end well #haha #clothingaddict.

The package came from Wheeniey Ahupa, a made in Nigeria clothing line for the confident, vibrant and purposeful woman. In all honesty, the ‘Ashley’ Dress (the dress I received), is actually one of the prettiest dresses I have ever owned! Not only did it fit like a glove, but it also gives that extra confidence that comes when you know you’re draped in a killer outfit – It’s the definition of an effortlessly chic dress!

So having received this item and owned it for a little while now, you’re probably thinking what do I really think about this dress yes?

Well for one, it’s super cute, very pretty and definitely timeless. It’s the kind of dress that turns heads when you step into a room. The fabric is breathable and the finishing is pretty good. The only thing I’m not particularly a fan of is the price of the dress.


The dress cost N36,000 and while it is pretty, I’m not sure I’d spend that much on a dress just for the sake of it. Nonetheless, it’s a good purchase when you’re looking for a one of it’s kind statement dress for a special occasion such as graduation, weddings or any other occasion you deem as extra special!

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7 thoughts on “Brand Highlight|| Wheeniey Ahupa”

  1. Lol I will never spend 36,000 on a dress probably in the next 15 years for now my parent will skin me.
    The dress is beautiful and if the brand is worth it and the quality is, I guess it okay for people to spend as them said “quality over quantity”

  2. I definitely agree about the price thing, but I guess they know their target audience, and it’s not a broke student like moi! Lmao. Still, you better work it!

  3. The price got me gaping with my eyes and mouth wide open. But some statement clothes are quite pricey and give you that ‘Y’all stare at me’ kindda look.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people think it’s pretty pricy but just as some people will spend a million naira on a wedding dress, I guess sometimes you just go all out of the occasion is worth it right?! πŸ˜πŸ˜…


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