Quick Thoughts || Why Being Successful Really Takes A Lot of work …

This is going to be very brief and probably not the typical blog post. It probably won’t have a conclusion or any concise point … Take it as me just pouring out various thought I’ve had in mind for a while now but do you know it’s a lot, like A LOT MORE easier to sit back and let things happen than working to make things happen? Why else will the number of people that are successful be much less than the unsuccessful ones? It actually takes a lot of work to go for what you want and make your dreams come true. Be it becoming very successful in your career or running that multi-million business you’ve always ‘dreamed‘ of owning – It all takes hard work.

.. but I’m sure you’ve heard that before and while you may think it only means working hard in terms of putting effort into that particular thing you are chasing, it’s a lot more than that.

Have you ever noticed how some seemingly ‘successful’ people tend to have less friends? Have less real family relationships? How a lot of other stuff that we the ‘commoners’ value a lot, like having time to go to the cinema, having time to just spend time with yourself; They don’t have…

Having somewhat become a little career driven in the past few months, I’ve realised that learning to balance my personal/family life with my work life is the real hard work that I need to put into becoming successful. I’ve realised that being successful is much more than just working hard at that particular thing I want to achieve. Learning to have a good work-life balance is the foundation of becoming successful and trust me, it’s really hard. REALLY REALLY HARD.

I think I’ve had more arguments with my mom in the last 6 months of my life than ever before. I’ve had more arguments with Chi in the last 6 months than ever before. I’ve spent a lot more time by myself either because I was working hard on something for work or I just needed to be by myself to sleep… basically being antisocial. I’ve not had as much time for my little brother as he would like… even though I now have the money and funds to do the things I always promised I would when I started working… It’s just hard and trust me, I’m trying a bit harder each day to find the balance… But the more I try, the more work comes, the more complex my life gets and the more stressed I get… Learning to deal with all of this, keeping sane, keeping my family happy, keeping my boss happy and most importantly, keeping me… Demi happy, is the real hard work that’s involved in becoming successful…

[End Thoughts]

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11 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts || Why Being Successful Really Takes A Lot of work …”

  1. I’ve always been a loner my two closest friends have walked away from without telling me the issue they have I’ve just been focus on my kids and what I want to do in life so that’s my goal to achieve something other than being a mom

  2. With the topic, I thought you were about to start the regular hard work preaching. But this is a honest post. We all go through this everyday, we just have to understand that our happiness and the happiness of those we love is what matters. Thanks for sharing 😍🤗

  3. So raw and honest – we need more of this! Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I never really considered the sacrifices people have to make to achieve their goals, but this post made me re-evaluate stuff. I wonder when my time comes to enter the whole working world, how distant I’ll become from my family members. I guess I won’t know until the time comes. I hope everything irons itself out in the end, for you, and me. Sometimes, you just need to rant. Thank God you have your very own space to do it freely.


    1. Thanks Amaka! It’s actually very refreshing putting down ones thoughts… We’ll be fine in the end. Every successful person has gone through this phase so our case won’t be different by God’s grace!

  4. this is so true, work engulfs you and you have little time for social activities and you’re also engulfe in work because that is what puts money in your pockets and you just expect everyone to understand. i am not there yet, like very successful but i hope to be and i pray to have a work-life balance. Great content Demi.

  5. I woke up to your post and it felt like someone came to steal my thoughts from me… 😂🤣 I totally relate to the part where you have arguments with the people you love most because you’re trying to focus on something. Just remember that at the end you’d be fine. Might be really tough at first neutral everything will settle. One tip that has always helped me is to pen down time for my loved ones deliberately.

    1. Lol. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone on this. I do try to create specific time for just family but it’s hard… Sometimes it doesn’t seem enough but I’ll keep trying.

      Thanks Oiza!

  6. Hi Demi. I love the honesty in this post and you are so right. Last year I set an academic goal and although I was able to achieve it, I also missed out on a lot of socializing and felt like a loner. Totally different scenarios but I can understand. Its a treacherous cycle. Work to get the job, work to keep the job🤷🏽‍♀️.


    1. I know right! It seems like the ‘work to get something’ cycle never ends. It’s either a degree, a job, to keep a happy family… we’ll just keep working for something but hopefully, we learn how to manage it all


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