Date nights… what would I do without them? Yet again I didn’t realise how much I missed them until a few weeks ago when Chi and I stopped by Zodara.

Zodara Pool Bar Statement Hotel Abuja Demi Akin-18

It had been MONTHS since we went on a proper date – one where I dressed up all fancy and we did nothing but stare at each other and talk about our future and current life goals and plans. No other place would have been perfect to reignite our date nights than this hidden treasure in the heart of Abuja.

Zodara is a pool bar located at The Statement Hotel in central area Abuja. This wasn’t my first time at The Statement Hotel but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the bar and found such a tropical looking place with so many aesthetically pleasing elements all coming together to make what I call, the perfect spot!

We chose to sit at the extreme end of the bar and settled down to look through the menu.

Two things Chi and I look out for when deciding whether or not a restaurant/bar will become a new favourite spot for us:

  1. Just the right amount of options to choose from (Too much choice is confusing) and
  2. The price point.

Anywhere we can have a nice time within a 5k price range for 2 is a go! However, if you decide to go for the cocktails at Zodara (which you most likely will – You’ll find out why in a bit haha), then you’re looking at somewhere between N7,500-N10,000 ; depending on if you share a meal or not.

Being our first time at the bar, we opted to go with the bar man’s choice of drinks – The Zodara signature cocktail and another one (Can’t recall the name right now *covers face). A few minutes later, our drinks arrived and boy did they look good. Trust me to bring out my camera and start shooting away. Of course food was involved as well and once again, being out first time at the bar, we went with what we call ‘safe’ choices. Chicken wings and Fries for me and a Club sandwich for Chi.

Now here’s what I personally think of Zodara


The location of this bar is PERFECT! – Period. It’s very accessible in terms of the road network to the statement hotel and then the ambience… oh the ambience. The bar gives off all sort of holiday vibes and honestly, the next time I visit, I’ll be wearing my swim wear instead (Did you see that pool?).

So on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being AMAZING), I’ll give Zodara 4.5/5 for the location

… (I’m saving the other 0.5 for my effort in writing this post #haha)

Service and Food

Searching through my head, I can’t recall any fault in the service or quality of the food except for one little aspect – Service time. The food and drinks didn’t take soooo long to come out but they came in bits – my drink first, then 5 minutes later, Chi’s drink followed and the same thing happened with the food (the time in between was longer though). Not a MAJOR Problem but for a couple that came together, the ideal situation would be to have the drinks come at the same time and the 2 meals at the same time as well.

If you look past that though, the drinks were nicely presented and tasted okay. The food was good and the price point was perfect! Not pricey at all (in my opinion ^_^)

So with all that in mind, my ratings are;

Service 3/5

Food and Drinks – 3.5/5

Final thoughts

At the end of it all, the main question to ask is ‘Do I see myself going back to Zodara?

Yes! Yes I do and I definitely recommend Zodara to anyone who’s looking for a nice, affordable and private bar (or pool) to chill at.

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2 replies on “Lifestyle || Hidden Spots – Zodara Pool Bar Abuja

    1. You’re welcome! Glad to hear that. Actually recommended a friend to go there just yesterday and he loved it too! So you should definitely check it out when you can! ^_^


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