Hmm, where do I start… The last time I cut my hair was back in 2004. It was just a few days before I started secondary school and as the ritual was, I cut my hair. You can say that’s when my my natural hair journey began and it lasted for many years. I never since 2004 put any chemical in my hair to straighten it or enhance it’s texture in anyway. I also don’t recall doing a massive big chop any point in between; although of course, over the years, I’ve had big trims if that makes sense.

Taking care of my hair used to give me so much joy. I loved the thrill of twisting my hair and wondering if by morning my twist out will pop or not. I loved carrying out length checks with my friends and exchanging ideas on how best to style my hair for the next event. I loved wearing a massive afro – thick and glorious in all her beauty, and I never really longed for super long hair. I was pretty satisfied with my 10 inch stretched 4c hair length. I loved having my hair in a sleek low bun and crowing it with my faux extensions for a more voluminous look… but then life took over – I became a woman.

I became much more busy, started chasing my dreams and thinking a lot more. I had a lot more mood swings, shed a lot more tears, laughed a little louder when I could. I began to worry a lot more and all the other stuff that comes with adulting and in all of this, I forgot myself. The way I looked seemed to matter a little less and less each day; but while I was a little more conscious of my clothing, my hair began to suffer for my negligence. My hair that was once my crowning glory, my pride and an inspiration to many began to make me feel self-conscious. I spent less and less time each day caring about it. Anything that would make her look a little more presentable was acceptable. Flat irons, Blow dryers, you name it – and when those failed, I turned to scarves. Then People began to wonder and ask questions.

What happened?

Why haven’t you gotten your hair done?

When will you get your hair done?

… Questions that all upset me because I already knew my overall appearance was diminishing.

Then one day I had enough. I was done looking unkept, looking tired and lost. It was time for a new look. It was time to cut it all off.

Demi Akin Short 4c hair-14

So within a few weeks of psyching myself for my big chop and searching for the hair cut of my dreams, I did it – and it was amazing!

It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders literally. It felt nice being able to shower without worrying about water getting all over my hair and not having to think of how to style it was a massive relief. But it wasn’t amazing because of these reasons, it was amazing because I felt like an entirely different person.

Like baptism rebirths you, cutting my hair rebirthed me and from the day I let go of all the dead hair weight, I began a whole new journey of self discovery.

I won’t act like I haven’t had second thoughts about my decision. At some point within the short time I have had my hair cut, I have felt like I might have taken a hasty decision. That within a few weeks I will completely regret it. I thought about how different my blog pictures will look from now on; How I’d have to learn to embrace new photography angles; how my wardrobe will have to change a little to match my new look; How I can’t mess up my eyebrows when applying makeup and cover it up with a fringe; I thought of the possibility of Chi not seeing me as attractive anymore because of my boyish look, even though he was supportive of my decision. I thought about many things many will consider as insignificant, but all aspects of my life that matter to me in one way or another. But in all of this, I think the happiness and relief I feel right now, will overshadow any second thoughts I might have about my decision to embrace a whole new DEMI!

What do you think of my new look?

Demi Signature


34 replies on “Lifestyle || The Real Reason I Cut my Natural 4C Hair and How I Really Felt Afterwards

  1. Love the cut, the ouftit, the pics, everything! I understand the feeling of getting overwhelmed with 4c hair. I would literally cut my hair every time I would get frustrated with it, but this time I decided to just do protective styles whenever my hair was being too much to handle. This cut on you is beyond amazing.

  2. Whenever I get overwhelmed with life and don’t have time for my natural hair, I just do didi and rock my wigs or get braids done. I usually start to miss my Natural Hair after a couple of days or weeks 🙂

    I think it was very bold of you to cut your hair, it looks very edgy, gives me emo/gothic vibes.

    Enjoy this new chapter.

    I remember when I did my big chop back in 2011, i started to wear earrings that stood out and hair accessories because i felt the low cut made me look young/tomboyish 😊

    1. Lol. I definitely feel like that too. I almost feel likeI need to change my entire wardrobe but I’m sure I’ll get used to it with time! Thanks for stopping by Tuke ^_^

  3. I love your new look! I have a post about the big chop and self esteem and to be honest,it’s the best decision I ever made

  4. You look really good. I knew you would look like your mum so I wasn’t scared that the big chop would be bad for your looks. I totally understand how cutting your hair makes you feel anew. With time, you’ll get used to the look. I love the pictures by the way❤

  5. As to what I think of your new look, it takes a lot of courage to cut one’s hair, wow. You definitely look edgier. Good for you, sometimes all we need is a change when life gets tough or when the full responsibilities of adulthood set in. Don’t worry about the other stuff, if you get tired you can always change things up with a wig or new hair color. Love this outfit and what you did with this location.

    Princess Audu

    1. I know right! I plan on buying a wig to have on stand by but I think I’m getting used to the new look now. Still learning to ‘dress’ for the look but oh wells… It’s all part of the new phase I guess

  6. You look great hun, love the edgy vibe it gives you. I actually did the big chop too earlier this month but I’ve not revealed it to people yet. I completely get the mixed feeling it comes with afterwards but agree it’s very liberating.

    Lot of love


      1. Lol I have to my people on Snapchat 😂😂😂, I am still adjusting to the natural life. My hair is very thick so even though it’s a short afro it’s still quite hard to manage.

  7. I’m all for the new look!
    I have always preferred short hair anyway but it totally suits you.
    I’m sure you’d grow to love it even more as time goes on.
    It feels like freedom and rebirth which were captured in the shots.
    Totally love the new Demi!!! Keep doing you.

    1. Thanks Rasheedat! I’m loving the new Demi too although she’s come with a WHOLE lot of new stuff and new life changes but I’m embracing it ^_^

  8. Demi I love this look! I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair but unlike you, I haven’t spent a lot of time grooming it. I just like being natural, I don’t use products or anything, I leave it & it seems to thrive, so till I get bored of it.
    Once again, you look good as always, regardless of your hair, you’d always make it work.

    1. Thanks Wumi! I wish my hair could be like yours and just grow without so much care… My hair is like a needy child lol – so until I have a bit more time, It’s gonna remain low #haha but thanks hun! ^_^

  9. I love the new look😍. I just got a big chop today and was considering cutting more hair so I won’t regret it then I stumbled upon this. You look really beautiful and yes, everything matters but if you feel better at the end of the day then that’s what counts most.

    I really enjoy your posts BTW and I’m looking forward to seeing pictures with the new hair.

  10. Truly, when I first saw the sneak peaks on Instagram story or so, I was like Demi looks boyish and very different. Why did she cut her hair? But I realized, it’s not even in my place to question your decision.

    And then after reading this, I sort of really understand that as certain tomes in our lives, we tend to make some decision that is solely best for us and for our peace of mind. And it’s lovely but you’d look really different with this look on dresses. My imagination is getting ahead of me again, lols.

    However, it’s lovely and the decision is all that matters too.

    1. haha! lol. I’m hoping that after you’ve seen my latest instagram post you feel a bit different but yeah, I have thought about ALL OF THIS! I guess that’s one reason I’ve been absent as well… getting used to the new me in so many different ways but oh wells. haha


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