Dear Blogger,

We’ve both discussed this over and over and over again – Blogging is not a competition. Yet it seems like every time we meet, every time you look at me, you see another… contender… Someone trying to take your spot. Why are you so insecure? Why do you act like you’ve forgotten the real reason you started blogging in the first place? Or maybe you have; Maybe you started for the wrong reason or no, a different reason to me. Maybe you started a blog because you wanted to become an influencer; Maybe you needed a head space to put down your thoughts. Maybe you needed somewhere to share a part of yourself with the world or maybe, you needed somewhere to escape from the world… So why exactly do you compare yourself to me?

You have no idea why I started out. You have no idea what I’m struggling with. You’re completely clueless about what my next step or plan with my blog is. So I ask again, why exactly do you compare yourself to me?

You see, we’re two completely different people with two completely different visions. They say all fingers are not equal and yes, that’s why we’ll never grow at the same rate. You may be opportune to work with Nike but that’s not what I like. I’m perfectly okay being a brand-less… or brand-little working… blogger because for me… that’s not my main aim. So don’t go round thinking and talking about how I’m so ‘unfortunate‘ to not work with XYZ and XYZ. We’re in two different races.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the aspect of influence. Congratulations – I must say I’m quite happy for you. You have such a massive following and your sphere of influence seems to be so… average vast. Bravo, I hope it makes you feel better about yourself but let’s get to my point.


… Not the same thing. Not every blogger is an influencer and not every influencer is a blogger – but of course, you can be both, a blogger and influencer; but again, let’s get to my point.

Influence is not something measured by the number of followers you have or the number of likes you get… Those are pure… Statistics and according to my favourite friend, google, Stats can be altered. One thing that can never be bought is genuine interest, genuine love and of course, influence – Much of which no one can measure by mere, numbers. So without sounding bitter, I hope you have all these 3 and not just… Statistics – Statistics that make you feel like you’re better than the rest of us.

There’s so much more I wish I could say but to avoid this looking like hate, I choose to wait here till maybe we see, yet again.

Regardless, I love you still and I’m sorry if I in anyway misread your words, actions and unspoken words.

Till we meet again on social web.

Yours with Love,


This post is completely fictional and non of the words, are written to directly attack any person. Any such occurrence is purely coincidental as its content was inspired by several years of interaction with persons within the Blogging industry, personal thoughts and  other observed behaviours.

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32 replies on “Lifestyle || Dear Blogger… Blogging is not a competition

  1. Thanks for this, I’m a brand new blogger. I’m having fun so far but when I’ve tried to reach out to women who may produce similar content I’ve gotten shut down. It’s almost as if they think I’m trying to copy them but if they actually checked out my blog they’d see it’s nothing like their own. Do you have any advise for networking with other bloggers?

    1. Hey hun! So sorry I’m just seeing this… my advise will be to look out for blogger events and attend them. Also start of with just interacting with other bloggers on social media. Give it time and build a comment, liking etc (generally engagement) relationship with them online before you approach them… Works in most situations

      1. How do you achieve success on your blog? How do you get more traffic? I’m trying to reach out to all of these people, but it is sometimes difficult. Thank you for the reply btw.

  2. I think every blogger is an influencer; as long as you weild a little bit of power over a specific loyal number of people, you are an influencer. Though some people influence a huge number of people and is well known and some other just have a community of readers, it doesn’t change that fact and the earlier people understand this, the better.

  3. Hello Demi, I really like this post. It reminds me that blogging shouldn’t be a competition and that we write in different ways for different reasons. I would like for you to check out my blog.
    Thank you.

  4. Dont even know why bloggers compete, every original person brings something different to the blogosphere. There are so many influencers that dont even have a site…let’s all keep calm and create. Love this Demi!

    1. Thanks Wande!

      I honestly have no idea why we do that. Everyone wants to be and feel superior to the next person when there’s actually enough space for everyone to have their own corner in the blogosphere

  5. Dont even know why bloggers compete, every original person brings something different to the blogosphere. There are so many influencers that dont even have a site…let’s all keep calm and create. Love this Demi! XOXO

  6. Thank you for this post! I’ve kept a blog just for my loved ones and close friends for a long time, and only recently went “public” with it. I’ve already seen the competition bug and been trying to remain focused on why I want to blog. This is a good reminder!


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