Introducing my new monthly blog post where I give you all the major highlights on the past month and possibly things to expect in the coming month!

Why start this series of posts? Well, I realised there are some little bits about my life that I would love to share with you but I don’t usually get to; Mainly because there’s no outlet for such so I thought to myself, hmmm, why not start a post series! So here it is, and without further ado here’s June’s recap!


Last month …

My Major highlight was…

I FINALLY Started Vlogging. Yay!!! Some of you might have noticed this but for those still wondering, yes, I started vlogging on IGTV! I know #lol. No time to waste  + I’ve actually always wanted to V but I wasn’t motivated to do so on YouTube. Mainly because I feel YouTube is over populated with Vlogs already but IGTV is brand new and provides a great platform for newbies to the game. So yeah, MAJOR HIGHLIGHT – I started vlogging.

Watch my latest Vlog here!

My most Embarrassing/annoying moment was….

I created a scene at Dominos Pizza Wuse 2 covers face.

Here’s what happened. It was the day of the Nigeria vs Argentina match and I had invited friends over to watch the match, which means, I had to provide food right? One of the things I wanted to get was Pizza. There was a special promo happening in store on that day. So my cousin and went to place the order. However, we initially thought we’d call ahead of time and order for pickup. We called their number for over 30 minutes and no one picked. Eventually we drove down to dominos and the queue was MASSIVE. We then decided to just go with the home delivery option which would mean no promo (oh wells, I didn’t want to miss the match)

So we made our way to the front of the line as asked one of the staff to get us a manager cos we had tried calling the delivery line and no one was picking. Then some guy thought we were trying to cut in the line end started making side comments. Now, if you follow me on instagram and watch my insta-story rants, you’ll know I don’t like people trying to intimidate me. So yeah, I gave him a small slice of my mind… I could have probably handled it better but oh wells… That’s in the past right?

My New resolution is…

To take care of myself first! and ensure my mental health is catered for and maintained properly!


I listened to…

Roar by Katty Perry A LOT!

My most popular blog post was…

The truth about reuniting after a long distance relationship! #RealExperiences. This was the video Chi and I made to celebrate our 4th year anniversary – I still can’t believe it’s been that long

Watch the video here!

My most popular Instagram post was…

This picture featuring YVK Designs

Anything else?

I attended Kaffy’s Wedding –  CEO Kaffy’s stitches and the brains behind many of the outfits you guys have loved her at Vlog featuring the wedding coming soon!


What were you up to in June?



6 replies on “Lifestyle || Last Month I… – My June Recap!

  1. I love the monthly recap idea. May start doing this as well cos I love to keep track of my activities. Its good to see a vlogger being so real and sharing her life. June for me was school work, a few blog posts and some events. Learnt a lot about my finances and I started investing.

  2. Love this monthly recap and so good to know you’ve started blogging cos I’ve always loved your YouTube videos. Nothing really for me this month of June but we alive and well, that’s good 🙂

    1. Awww! Thanks hun! I feel like the Vlogs have been a longgggg time coming.

      July is still young, I’m sure you can find a few interesting things to do lol

  3. Girl I love your blog! I watched your IGTV vlog and it’s so Hugh quality and funny. You’re also so classy and beautiful. I gave no choice but to subscribe! I totally get how you feel about YouTube. I just started my channel after years of convincing. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!


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