Skincare – where do I start? After fashion, makeup highlighters and Fenty beauty, flawless skin has to be the next most talked about thing amongst the female gender. So it’s no surprise that when House of Coco, a Nigerian skincare brand got in contact with me and offered to help me solve some of my most pressing skincare issues, I jumped at it!

Now contrary to what most people think, my biggest skincare issue was not pimples or acne. Rather, I wanted to fix up the constant dryness I experienced on some parts of my face, brighten up my skin so it doesn’t look so dull without makeup and also sort out the slight hyper-pigmentation issues I was facing (note the word ‘WASwink wink).

So after a few email consultations with someone on the team, I was sent a box containing some products to try out for a period of 28 days and here are the results, my thoughts and conclusions on the experience!

But first, Let’s talk about the the contents of the box!

The Box!

The box I received contained 5 different items within it (Excluding the cute thank you card of course ^_^). The products in the box were:

  • The Deep Cleaning Anti-Acne Facial Wash – Contains Tea tree and Black Soap
  • The 4-in-1 Cleansing Facial Toner – Contains Rose water and Glycerin
  • The Hydrating Facial Milk – Contains Collagen, Vitamin C and E
  • The Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub – Dead sea salt, Sugar and a blend of aromatic oils
  • A House of Coco Face Towel – Contains cotton #lol

All the items came sealed within a plastic wrap and surprisingly, they all arrived in good condition. I love love love the fact that a complimentary customised Face Towel was included in the box as I am a strong believer of having separate towel for your face. It definitely made the whole ‘box’ package complete for me.

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28 days Later… The review

So like I mentioned, the major skin concerns I had were

  • Slight Hyper-pigmentation
  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin

You can look up the various ingredients included in the products on googleand you’ll probably understand why each product was recommended.

Now prior to using House of Coco’s products, the areas on my face that were darker than others (hyper-pigmentation) were around my lips, my cheek area and the sides of my face (some of which are due to acne scarring). I experienced a lot of drying around my forehead, the sides of my eyes, on my cheeks (again) and in between my eyebrows. The dull skin was just EVERYWHERE. I used to wake up several mornings, apply my previous face cream to my face and still have skin that looks very dull and dry.

28 days later, although the difference is not DRASTICALLY obvious, there has definitely been a few improvements. The dryness is completely gone and my skin feels like a baby’s bum. I also feel a lot better going out without makeup because my skin doesn’t look as dull as it used to. In fact, most morning when I wake up, I’m so proud of how nourished and gorgeous my skin looks. I often feel like not washing it or putting anything on for the fear of loosing that healthy skin glow #lol

The only skin issue I can’t really tell if a difference was made is the hyper pigmentation although my mum once asked me if I had foundation on when I in fact, I didn’t (Could it be a sign?! See the pictures below and make your judgement)

The conclusion?

Did the products work? Will I patronise the brand?

I probably, will especially Face wash, the Face cream and the scrub (Mainly because I like how my skin feels after using the scrub thanks to all the oils included in it an the smellllll… so divine). The product I’m not entirely sure about are the Facial toner and that’s because I read somewhere online that the two main ingredients included in the toner could potentially lighten skin (Doctor google lol)

Other than that, I think for the most part, the House of Coco products were pretty effective and this 28 day journey has definitely got me wanting to try other products in the future

House of Coco Nigerian Skincare brand-9

So that’s it! House of Coco Products in a nutshell and my 28 day journey! Any questions? Maybe you’ve tried out the products yourself? What do you think?

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House of Coco is a Luxury Nigerian Skin care brand that provides products aimed at solving some of the most pressing skincare problems people face today. You can purchase products from the brand via their website at and connect with them on instagram @houseofcoco_ng




4 replies on “Review || House of Coco Skin Care Box #28DaysLater

  1. I just recently realized I need a separate towel for my face, unfortunately. I think it’s high time I patronize these guys. Let me start incorporating real face care in my routine.

    1. Yes o! It’s like sooo sooo important. You will notice the difference just by separating the towel you use for your body from the one you use for your face.


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