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Branding is something I hold so so so dear to my heart! In fact, most of my freelance work is based around business and personal image branding… but what exactly is branding? In simple terms, branding is the process of creating a unique name and image for anything through various consistent efforts along a particular theme.

Now I’m not an expert but if you spend a little time going through my various social media accounts, my blog, my newsletters, email signature and so on, you’ll find that everything has a consistent theme. Why? As a blogger, it is important that you identify with something and you brand yourself well! Not only does it make you look professional but it also makes it easy for people to identify you and your work where ever it’s seen.

So with that in mind here are a few ways to brand your blog!

Choose a Font

You might be thinking to yourself, how does this apply? Well, if you take a look at top brands, you’ll notice that most of them have about 2-4 fonts that they use when creating any text related content. From adverts to the website font; It’s always either font 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Why is this important? Well for one it helps your content look uniform. Secondly, with time and consistency, the font you use will gradually become part of your brand identity which will make your content easily identifiable by readers! Think walt disney :D.

Choose a Colour

Similar to the previous point, choosing a colour to identify your brand with it important. Now you can decide to choose a colour scheme as a whole or a few colours that you want your blog to be identified with. However, it is important to keep the number of colours as few as possible and by that I mean 2 (excluding black and white)

Synchronise your platforms

Now by synchronising I mean make sure your platform are passing on the same message at the same time. It will be a shame to have your instagram account promoting, for example a giveaway but it’s not reflected on your facebook page or your twitter.

Synchronising also extends to making sure your platforms all have the same feel and image. You also don’t want to have different colour schemes bouncing up and down the place or different messages being passed through your content. Your blog should have have loads of blue shades and then your facebook page is smothered in yellow and so on.

So in a nutshell, make sure the platforms you are most active on AT LEAST! are all synchronised

Define your Identity

What do you stand for? What do you want people to know you for? This is very important especially if you’re looking to become a PRO-Blogger. Why? Well before brands decide to work with you, they’ll most likely like to know exactly what you stand for and it should be evident in everything you do as a blogger.

Your readers and followers should also be able to identify with you – Think of it this way, When someone asks another person who you are as a blogger, will they be able to explain who you are properly?


These 3 steps are some of the more basic and things you should do. However, if you would like to take it a step forward, you might want to consider:

  • Getting a Logo
  • Creating a customised email address (i.e one with your domain name. E.g.
  • Coming up with a tag line (Think Shalom Blac – “Be your own kind of beautiful”)

So that’s it from me guys! A few easy tips and I hope my blogger baes find them useful!

Until next time!

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18 replies on “Lifestyle || Easy ways to brand your blog!

  1. Yeah, I am with you on this Demi. It’s sad when you have to start asking a blogger what can you offer me even after spending time on their blog and social media accounts. Outfit is amazing, as always.

    1. Lol. I know that feeling hun. Happens to me A LOTTT Especially with bloggers in the same blogosphere as myself lol… and Thank you!!! @ outfit ^_^


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