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Oh, so you thought it was all fun and games? You think being a blogger is all glamorous and cheerful all the time? Well, it is sometimes! I mean being a blogger is amazing and if you read my post on How blogging improved my life, you’ll probably agree with me too. HOWEVER, as with everything in life…

There are two sides to every coin!

… I know, cliche but very true!

Many influencers won’t admit it but the next few things I’m going to share with you are FACTS about the other side of blogging that we all have to deal with and now at the risk of sounding like a weakling, here are a few of the downsides to being a blogger.

High Stress Levels

… Especially if you work as well!

It might look all glam and wonderful because every time you see a blogger (most bloggers) they seem to have it all together but have you ever thought of what it’s actually like behind the blog? How many hours are spent into creating content? How some bloggers cope with school/work and blogging? The amount of time spent?

Now don’t get it wrong, It’s always worth it especially because of people like you (My amazing readers! ^_^) but still, High Stress Levels  is one of the realities of being a blogger.

Feelings of Inadequacy

This is one I personally have to deal with on a steady (Don’t ask why, I just do). Let’s face it, as much as every blogger will like to act as if we’re all not struggling for the same endorsements and bloggers jobs, we are! Especially in Nigeria where there are very few ‘jobs’ for bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong, you should always be happy for the next person as we rise by lifting others but that said, it can be a bit disheartening when work is slow and collaborations don’t seem to be coming in as they usually do or when your social influence doesn’t seem to be growing, especially when you are actively putting in work to make things better and doing everything all the other successful bloggers say you should do to ‘grow’. That’s why a lot of people will say,

Start a blog not because of the money or fame but because you have a passion for it!

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Loss of Privacy & the Right to Make Mistakes

Many people think an influencer’s privacy is completely in their hands – WRONG! Haven’t you noticed how when an influencer, especially one who has a large sphere of influence ends up in a scandal or is celebrating something in their life, it automatically becomes a subject of public interest? Other blogs spread the news, individuals talk and discuss it with other people and so on and so forth (I’m guilty of doing this too Covers face I WILL CHANGEEE) …

It almost makes it seem like once you decide to become a blogger or an influencer, you sign off your rights to privacy and being being human. Like, you can’t make a mistake or say what’s exactly on your mind especially if it isn’t the popular opinion. Everyone is always just snooping for the next big scandal and ‘gist’ on your life to make your business even more public.

Like guys… Chill… We’re all humans with the same kind of blood right? Give people some space to just be themselves.

So… what’s the point and why did I write this post. It’s simple and the message is kinda on the inscription on my shirt.

We’re born to be real and not perfect!

and a lot of people forget that when they think of bloggers and influencers. So take this as a gentle reminder from one blogger to the world!

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38 replies on “Lifestyle || The Downside of Being a Blogger – Aspects no one really talks about

  1. So on point. I can’t even deal with the ‘not making mistake part’, however, I know that mistakes help me learn and improve myself. great post.

    1. I knowww! It’s encouraging at times and sometimes disheartening. I guess it’s about finding balance in the end.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have a 7 to 5 and I relate with high stress level sometimes. However, I have learnt to run my blog at a pace that is balanced. The days I am not able to post on my blog, I complement by engaging on social media platforms for the blog, publicize old posts etc. That way I don’t feel entirely absent from blog related activities.

    Thanks for sharing our truth. Blogging is hard work but passion makes you continue. Love your outfit

    1. Thanks Faith! ^_^

      I’m glad you found the balance as that is so important and also helps you stay sane as a blogger #lol – I don’t think I’ve found the perfect balance yet though sooo any tips?

  3. Love the tee! It;s always nice to get candid about things you’re facing, helps to alleviate the burden a bit, and you never know, other people just may be going through the same thing. I can relate a tad to the stress levels but as for inadequacy and loss of privacy, not quite. I guess it depends on your approach to blogging at the end of the day! May we all overcome out struggles or find a way to subdue them

  4. It’s good that you shared some of your truths. One thing I’ve learnt to do is to stop judging my journey with other bloggers.

    I’m learning to embrace my originality and not allowing what everyone thinks it’s right decide what I write & post about.

    I’ve allowed myself go back to my cave of passion and everything has been easier.
    Hopefully blogging in Nigeria will get better for all of us ❤️

  5. Your outfit and hair is what I first noticed especially the inscription on your shirt. And now reading the post, you did hit the nail on the head with this perfect truth people never see or know.

  6. I know this isn’t a style post but I still have to admire your outfit 😍😍😍 I’m no blogger but I understand the things you mention here. You’re doing great I tell you, please keep it up

  7. Am always looking forward to your post because it is always insightful and the flowers which I always get to see. Can’t think of any of ur post pictures without a flower.

    1. Thanks for stopping by hun! Heading to your blog to read your post too. It’s such a relevant topic that a lot of people overlook but hopefully, everyone will become more aware of all the various aspects to being a blogger! ^_^


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