So you’ve gone online a few times and seen a lot of influencers looking amazing in Clothes bought from China. If I took a guess, I’m sure it’ll be from either one of these 3 stores – SHEIN, ROMWE or ZAFUL; Am I right?


Well, you went online and were amazed by how affordable the items are. You see a lot of affordable nicely designed items but you’re still not quite sure you want to take the risk and make a purchase. You don’t trust that the item will look the same as it appears on the site when it arrives 1 month later, #LongShippingTime or even worse, it might not be your size.

Well, luckily for you, I’ve done that experiment on two of the earlier mentioned online stores and I’m going to share with you my tips on how to shop on there and get amazing pieces that will fit and look EXACTLY like the website’s image! I mean, Just look at some of the outfits I’ve styled with pieces from ROMWE!


Now that we’re done admiring my ensembles Takes a bow #lol, let’s continue with those oh so important tips I referred to shall we?

Selecting the right item!

#1 – Know your body proportions

There is simply no way you can shop online without knowing your body proportions –  This is very important! Most especially, you must know what your bust, waist and hips measurements are in inches and centimeters. These are the most common dimensions used for determining the sizing items globally. Other dimensions you might want to take not off are your full length, knee length and blouse length measurements. With these dimensions engraved into your mind, you can begin your online shopping journey


Online stores live and thrive on reviews but they are not there for the benefit of the site owner alone. Reviews exist so the next shopper can make an informed decision about an item before paying for it. On ROMWE more specifically, customers sometimes upload pictures of the item they received, rate the sizing as either true to size or not.

Customers also input their own personal body stats (i.e. bust size, waist length and so on) and mention what size they purchased. This information is VERY helpful as you can compare it with your own body proportions and choose a size and make a selection as appropriate. So Read reviews! It’s the first place you want to check out before committing to buy an item online.

Shopping on ROMWE China Review Demi Akin-17

#3 Count the number of Reviews!

Yes, reviews are very important and to me, this point about reviews is especially important. I hardly almost never buy an item if it has less than 5 reviews and at least 3 out of those 5 must have pictures. Why you may ask?

Although not confirmed, it’s very possible that plain text reviews are written by bots or people who were paid to review the item. Call me paranoid but I need to protect my money #lol. So yes! Count the number of reviews. The more reviews (positive reviews of course) that an item has, the better!


#4 – Don’t believe everything you see

Now personally, I can’t recall any time when I received the wrong item or bought something that looked different from the website but I’ve heard from someone that someone else knew someone who had a bad experience. So I just thought I’d let you know too ^_^. Don’t believe everything you see. The fabric might be a little thinner than they appear; The colour might be a bit darker and so on and so fort. It’s sometimes best to just lower your expectations a tad bit but in my experience, 7.5 out of 10 times, the item will surpass your expectations!

So now that you know how to select the right item, how about getting the best bargain?

Getting the best deal

#1 – Sign up to newsletters

You’ll always be informed about when flash sales are on, buy one get one free sales, 80% discount days and so on! All the good stuff we all like.

#2 – Join a loyalty scheme

… different platforms offer different incentives but the most common one is points for money. You can gather points by shopping on specific days such as ‘Double point purchase days’, writing reviews (yes! the all important reviews) and so on and so forth.

#3 – Search for discount codes online

There’s always a discount code lurking somewhere online that’ll give few more dollars off your order. So always search!


Any last words?…

Other things you might want to take into consideration are custom and handling fees charged when your item arrives in the country you reside in. I’ve only ordered to Nigeria and the UK so I can only tell you about those two regions.

In the UK, I’ve never had to pay any extra custom charge but I got ‘scammed’ once by some people into paying custom fees in Nigeria – Not anymore!!! Now I know you don’t have to pay duty on personal orders (as far as my online research goes) and with my latest order, I only had to pay N500 to Nipost which is the standard handling charge in Nigeria.

In conclusion though, shopping online is generally tricky. Shopping online from an international store is even more tricky but by taking careful measures and a little bit of ‘practice’, you’ll come to love the art of online shopping just as much as I do!


Outfit details : Click here! and you can shop my look!



14 replies on “Lifestyle|| How to shop online from China #ROMWE

  1. I still haven’t gathered the full liver to shop from an international site mainly because of the long shipping time but one of these days I’ll give it a try.
    You didn’t say anything about the standard exchange rates or does your bank determine that?

  2. I still can’t believe you got the top and skirt for 12 Pounds. I will check the Romwe and see what I will like. You shared relevant tips. I’m writing a post on how to shop on Aliexpress. I will be linking to your post for helpful tips people will need when they shop online from China. Btw, you look good, I love you hair!

  3. Demi thank you very much for these tips. I’m always so scared to shop online with all these international brands because i don’t want my Money to enter voicemail but after reading this, trust me to shop with only these brands you mentioned 😂😂😂😂😂😂 maybe when someone else gives a review for another, I’ll do same but for now, my local online shops will do it for me.
    Great post dear.

  4. The blue jacket is quite cute. I have being eyeing this sites but fear that it will be crap has been stopping me.

    Very helpful tips and thanks for sharing. Pictures looks perfect.

  5. I love the outfit. I’ve heard about Zaful and Romwe but I always worried about payment options and Naira Cards restrictions. And I also worried about how it would end up looking.

    But then you’d never know until you try. Seems it’s time to try now plus Zaful has been everywhere recently.


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