Eating… Seems to be one of my favourite ways to pass time and it is definitely one of the things I love to do whenever I go out with friends or family. However, it does get boring eating at the same place over and over again, and so I’m constantly looking out for and open to discovering new places to EAT! ^_^

Luckily for me, I got an invite a few weeks back from the good people at Stargee Healthy Eats and Grill to stop by and have a taste of their menu!

On arriving at NAWA Complex Jahi, where Stargee’s is located, I was welcomed by the staff and shown into the restaurant, handed a menu and then the real task began!

What exactly do I order?

Stargee healthy eats abuja resturant review-1

Looking over the various items listed on the menu, it was indeed evident that this restaurant had a healthy undertone to every meal and drink listed on it. After much deliberation, I chose the CLEAR EYE smoothie (a smoothie containing carrots, ginger and pineapple, hence the name #cute) and of course as Chi was there with me, he had the MANGO MIXED smoothie.

For our meals, we stuck with the safe choice, seeing as it was our first visit. I chose the shredded Chicken with Rice dish, while Chi went for Spaghetti with Chicken.

Now for the breakdown review!


So like I mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located within NAWA complex in Jahi. For those living in Abuja, it’s very close to Next Cash and Carry and so is pretty accessible. However, when you get into NAWA complex, locating the restaurant might be a bit difficult as this was the case for Chi and I. Thankfully, we were directed by the security guards on duty to the Restaurant’s location – Not ideal but oh wells!

On getting into the Restaurant, it was evident that this was not the conventional mainstream type of place. The decor within the restaurant has a cosy feel to it as opposed to the clean-cut aesthetic layout you find in most places. This to me makes it appropriate for quite lunch time breaks or private gatherings with a few people. Nonetheless, the restaurant also has an outdoor section that’s suitable for hanging out with friends and having loud conversations #lol.

All in all, I give the restaurant’s location a 2.5/5 mainly because I personally prefer instagramable locations (I sound ‘sad’ right? Covers Face #bloggerbehavior)

Service and Food

The service time was fair and although I didn’t time it, the wait wasn’t long at all. In the normal fashion, the drinks came out first, followed by the food and the presentation of everything was quite nice – I loved the cup coasters A LOT (I might actually look into getting some for my personal use at home.. hmmm).

The staff at Stargee came across as very friendly and informed about the menu which is a plus whenever you visit a place for the first time. I asked SOOOO many questions about various items on the menu and they were very helpful at explaining what each one was and offered recommendations when asked.

The food tasted nice and just like home cooking. I particularly loved the sauce my shredded chicken came in.

The total value of our order came to N7,900…

Spaghetti and Chicken – N2,000

Shredded Chicken with Rice – N2,500

Smoothies (N1,700 each) – N3,400  

Overall, I rate the service 4/5!

Now for the CONCLUSION

… and the question I always ask myself when doing a review is “Will I go back?”. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure and it’s mainly because of the promixmity to where I live. HOWEVER, it is pretty close to my brother’s school and like I mentioned earlier, it’s close to NEXT CASH and CARRY and also to Kaffy’s Stiches (One of my favourite places to get clothes from ^_^).

So there’s a possibility I might stop by sometime to get a quick bite but if you ever get the chance, you stop by as well ^_^


6 replies on “Review || Stargee Healthy Eats Abuja

  1. I’m such a foodie but I’m really skeptical about eating out. This place though, it’s calling me and looks like something I’ll give a try. Thank you for sharing


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