Ever get bored with certain items but wish you could revamp them somehow? Ever seen a piece of clothing and felt it’ll look nicer is something else was added to the design? Something like a piece of appliqué? Well, wonder no more! This tutorial will show you the basic steps on how to apply appliqué to almost anything!

For this post, I’ll be using a plain yellow top I got from Jumia

Other things you’ll need

Some Appliqué – I also got mine from Jumia or N1,500 for 2 pieces

Heat bond web (a.k.a. Hemming Gum)

An Iron

A needle

Some thread to match your item’s fabric (for me it was yellow thread)

A handkerchief

Step 1

Iron on medium heat, the are you wish to add your appliqué to. This is simply to make sure the area is completely flat.

Step 2

Place your appliqué on your clothing item until you’re happy with its position/placement

Step 3

Cut up little strips of your heat bond web (hemming gum) and lay them UNDERNEATH your appliqué until the entire area where the appliqué will be attached to is covered (see pictures below)

Step 4

Take a light piece of cloth and place it over your appliqué. Then iron over the appliqué with the cloth over it to ‘bind/glue’ it in place.

The heat bond will melt and secure your appliqué in place (that’s its job! ^_^)

Step 5 (Optional Step)

To secure your appliqué and reduce the chances of it peeling off at some point, stitch around it using your needle and thread. Ensure you use very small stitches.

Once you’re done, your appliqué will be securely placed on your clothing and you’ll have a whole new look to your item!

See my final outcome below! What do you think?




14 replies on “DIY || Revamping your clothes with Appliqué in 5 steps

  1. Demi the DIY QUEEN! Your posts give me life, even though I’m yet to try some of them yet, I know just where to check when I’m ready. This is actually my fav and it’s so creative. I should try this someday. Great job babes.


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