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Ever felt bored with your outfit? Do you sometimes pair together the perfect clothing combo but still feel like something was missing?

My guess is (and I’m probably correct) is that you need some accessories in your life. It’s also very possible that you currently have a stash of accessories and still feel stuck sometimes. Well, if that’s you, then take it as a sign that you need to invest in some new pieces.

Bottom line, whatever the case may be, accessories are essential to crowning your outfit and here’s why

1 – Accessories take your outfit from 0 to 101 in seconds!

Let’s take a few to seconds imagine what my outfit would look like without the Hat, Ring and Belt… Can you imagine it? Quite bland right? Well, thanks to the accessories I paired with my clothes, this look is way beyond basic even though I’m wearing the most basic clothing items known to man (A white shirt and Denim)

2 – Accessories can be worn with SEVERAL outfits

Unlike certain clothing items that can sometimes feel a little awkward to re-style or wear again after its first appearance, you hardly need to worry about that with accessories. They can be restyled EASILY over and over again.

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Accessories also last longer than clothing items despite how often they are worn. So therefore (#lol), Accessories are KING!

3 – Accessories are the easiest way to embrace new trends

Did anyone else notice how the beret trend was worn by a lot of people and most people were able to pull it off? What about the big belt trend? Bowler hats when they just hit the scene? What about woven bags? Aviator glasses, Reflective frames, Knuckle rings? I think you get the gist. Accessories are the easiest way to stay in style as trends come and go.

Sooo, Now that we know how amazing accessories are, you’re probably wondering

Which accessories should I get?

Well, the trick to getting your accessorizing skills on point is to start simple, as with everything else in life.

Get yourself a bowler hat, a few belts (Big buckle belts are currently trending by the way!), quirky bags and maybe some minimal knuckle rings. If you’re already the adventurous with your style, you might want to try out one or two of these accessory trends this Summer :

  • Belt Bags (Fanny packs)
  • Matrix Glasses – Thin frames sunnies like my BELLA Sunnies from Shop Indiana
  • Woven straw bags
  • Baker boy hats
  • Embellished Berets

On that note, remember whatever you do, your style is unique to you.

We are all uniquely amazing!



6 replies on “Style Tip || Why Accessories are KING! + Accessories you need this summer!

  1. Quite true. I’m adding more berets and fanny packs into my accessories store, whatever that mean, lols.

    I still can’t believe it’s just a white shirt and denim you’ve styled so lovely as above.


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