Denim on Denim is one of the fashion industry’s most risky trends to rock. However, when done right, it looks totally amazing and immediately puts you on everyone’s style radar. It’s the one trend that makes everyone’s head turn in your direction and so here are a few tips to making sure you slay this trend effortlessly

Do mix and match shades of denim

Pairing two different shades of denim makes your outfit a bit more easy on the eye. In addition to that, you can also use this to hide or flatter different parts of your body. Wear dark shades on those parts you want to conceal and lighter shades to the part you want to enhance or draw more attention to.

How to wear double Denim Demi Akin8

Do not wear odd fitted items together

Pairing an oversized denim jacket with skinny jeans? Maybe, pairing an oversized denim jacket with baggy mom jeans? That’s a big NO NO! You get the picture?

Do wear statement pieces with your outfit

A statement shoe, handbag or bold makeup is perfect for a Denim on Denim look

Do not wear denim accessories

Some people might think it looks cool but doing this can make your outfit look tacky. Like I already said, double denim is tricky and so wearing a denim hat, denim choker or denim shoes can easily make your look appear overdone.

Do Distress

Distressed Denim is a good way to give your Double Denim look an extra edge!

How to wear double Denim Demi Akin12

Do have fun

Afterall, fashion is an expression of one’s self so have fun with it!

What do you think of my outfit?!



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