Skirt from SacréBleu Ng – Photography by CBP Media

Midi-Skirts are tricky. In fact, they are very tricky. They are can be do difficult to style that it took me WEEKS figuring out to style this skirt. This might not be the case for everyone out there but for my ladies out there who like me, struggle sometimes, I thought I’d share with you a few tips on how to style a Midi-Skirt now that I figured it out!

1 – What length is ‘Midi’ enough?

Just because skirt A is the perfect Midi-Skirt for person Y, doesn’t mean it’ll look just as great on person X. The definition or the ideal Midi-skirt varies from person to person. However, the fashion definition of a Midi-Skirt is any skirt that passes the knee but is no longer than mid-calf length.

Different lengths work well for different heights and as a basic rule, Midi-Skirts that are higher up are a better choice for petite women like myself, i.e. skirts that don’t reach your calf. Taller women can achieve the Midi-Skirt look by wearing skirts that reach up to mid-calf; Anything shorter than that tends to look more knee-length than Midi (I know… very confusing but read it again and I’m sure it’ll be clearer ^_^)

2 – What top to wear…

Midi skirts come in various shapes and sizes; Full skirts, A-lines and Straight cuts are the most common. Hence, it’s no surprise that different Midi-Skirt styles go well with different types of tops. The basic rule for choosing the right top to wear with your Midi-Skirt is as follows :

  • For full Midi-Skirts (like the one I’m wearing in the pictures), tucked in basic cut tops are the best as the full nature of the skirt already draws a lot of attention to your outfit; especially when styling a printed skirt.
  • For straight cut/pencil Midi-Skirts, you can pair them with more interesting and extravagant tops. You can either tuck in or ‘tuck-out’ #lol – It all depends on the occasion you are dressing for

3 – What shoe to wear

This is one area most people struggle with as wearing the wrong kind of shoe can make you look stumpy when styling a Midi-Skirt. In my opinion and what I advise is for you to style your skirt with minimal heels for a girlie girl look or sneakers/trainers for a casual look. Those are my preferences and from my research on Midi-Skirts, they work pretty well with most Midi-Skirt outfits!

So there you go! My basic tips on styling a midi skirt and I hope they help you out in your next Midi-Skirt styling ‘challenge’

Check out these other looks where I styled Midi-Skirt!



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