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Modest fashion, according to google AND some other websites I looked up has no singular definition. Modest fashion means a whole range of things to different people as everyone’s perception of the term “Modesty” is different. However, it seems that one thing can be agreed on. Modest fashion is the consciousness of covering up as much skin as possible when putting together an ensemble. That said, it seems like every-time you search the hashtag #modestfashion or search the phrase online, you get images of women from a specific religion (Islam) and so it made me think…

Is modest fashion religious?

Demi Akin The Indulgence Collection Nigeria Jumpsuit5

I thought hard and long about the it and the simple conclusion I came to is that modest fashion is NOT religious. It might just seem a little more obvious with our muslim sisters but they are definitely not the only ones embracing what this multi-million dollar fashion industry stands for. Modest Fashion is definitely something every woman should consider embracing one way or the other.

Now while some might read this and think I’m advocating for all women to be completely covered from head to toe with no patch of skin visible, Please, don’t get me wrong – That’s not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is embrace a little decency in what you wear. Modest fashion doesn’t mean boring, unappealing or unfashionable and in the near future I would love to see a lot more women of all religions embrace modest fashion. Who knows, maybe it’ll eventually lead to higher respect for women, their bodies, their beauty and generally reduce how objectified we are these days.

Nigerian Brand Jumpsuit

Outfit details

Jumpsuit by The Indulgence Collection || Hat Wuse Market || Shoes Kurt Geiger

*Sponsored post – The indulgence Collection
The Indulgence Collection is an African inspired modest clothing brand that creates contemporary pieces using a mix of modern/ refined African prints & natural fibre fabrics. The brand’s aim is to promote modesty by creating unique pieces by incorporating our African fabrics.
The message the brand aims to send to clients is that…..modesty is fun, fashionable, elegant, comfortable & stylish.
For more information about the Indulgence collection, connect with them on instagram at @theindulgencecollection and you can also shop their collection on The Dress Me Outlet





16 replies on “Style || Is Modest Fashion Religious? #Collaboration

  1. I really love this post 😍 I am always on Awwww when I see someone look so modest yet still stylish. Looove your outfit too. 😍

  2. Very enlightening article. Modesty is so stereotyped . I agree with you for women to be more modest in our dress because lines of respect are so blurred.

  3. this is a very relevant topic and I thank you for showing how modest can also be stylish. However, there’s a typo error in the sentence where you said “Modest fashion does…” I believe you meant to say “doesn’t”.

  4. You are quite right about us thinking modest muslimahs when we here the word Modest Fashion. In fact, it has been stereotyped in my heart. But then I think modesty differs from people to people.

    Everyone has an idea what a modest outfit is and I think it is okay to understand their point of view and use that as a pointer to what the word really stand for. Without attributing it to certain religion.

    That said, it is really a great thing to see women embracing modesty over time.

    p.S; I love the outfit plus it’s blue.

    1. It’s so true and honestly, when the topic came to mind, the first thing I thought of was muslim women. Just another example of stereotyping like you mentioned.

      Thanks for stopping by hun & Thankssss @ Outfit


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