So… There are some REALLY nice places in Abuja that’ll actually make you feel as if you were on holiday in some exotic country. One of those places is Fraser Suites Abuja!

Now after seeing so many pictures by Adohr about Fraser Suites and how amazing it is, I was so stoked to get an invite to an exclusive event hosted by her, Adohr Speaks, in conjunction with Fraser Suites Abuja.

The event tagged #IMPASTO was what I like to describe as an influencer ‘Expo’; we got to talk to members of management, interact with the chefs and learn how to make fresh italian pizza and pasta (of course we ate them as well lol). There was also a tour of the hotel which was the part I enjoyed the most!

So in my usual manner, there’s a quick Vlog of the event  but before you go, some quick facts about the Fraser brand!

Fraser Suites started out in Singapore and has been around for 20 years. The Abuja hotel is the first Fraser hotel in Africa and is one of 80 hotels owned by the Fraser brand. The Abuja hotel has has 162 rooms, ranging from studio rooms to 4 bedroom apartments. Rooms cost between N90,000 to 1.1 million per night.

The rooms at Fraser suites are built with the ideology of creating a home away from home. Hence, rooms are very spacious and fitted with various living spaces to make your time at the hotel very comfortable and relaxing. All the rooms are fitted with sound proof walls to ensure maximum relaxation with no interference from other guests wink wink

Asides from the places to have a good night rest, Fraser Suits Abuja also has various restaurants. The is 1 dining restaurant and a gazebo that specialises in handmade fresh pasta and pizza (where we had the event!). There are plans to also have a cafe within the hotel which will serve mainly grab-and-go food.

So yeah, that’s some of the information I can recall about Fraser Suites Abuja!

Hope you enjoy the Vlog!



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