[Post originally written March 2015 by Demi Akin]

Have you ever wondered if make-up expires? I’m wondered the same too at some point in my life and I’m here to tell you that yes! However, you’ll probably pick up a product now and look all over it, wondering where exactly the best before date is right?

Take a minute to look at your product again. The truth is, you probably wouldn’t find a best before date but what you will find is a little round container logo with an open lid and a number on the container.



That’s the ‘expiry’ time of your product. It’s not exactly a date but it tells you the recommended number for months for which you should use your product, from the first day you open it up!

You will be shocked at how many products have this icon on them – Shower gel, Mascara, Highlighters, Powders, Lipsticks – you name it! Now, there’s no specific place where this icon is placed. However, you’ll usually find it at the bottom of your product or on the box packaging. It may also be under a label or barcode but sometimes, the logo is quite small and illegible. If you find yourself in such a situation, but really want to know its ‘expiry time’, I advice you check out the company’s website or ‘uncle’ google.

In my personal opinion, I really feel this time frame is just a recommendation as I’ve been using the same contour kit since 2015 and it still looks fine and I don’t react to it – but then again I could be wrong. Anyways, now you know this little piece of information and the next time you open up a new product, be sure to note down the expiry date.



9 replies on “Beauty || Did you know Makeup Expires?

  1. Wow! Who would have thought! I always thought that number in the icon was the amount/grams/ounces of the product to be honest.


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