Hey guys!

Welcome back to me channel! (Yes, me ^_^)

So today’s post/video is a bit different plus it’s a collaboration with the super gorgeous and amazing Ummeeta! We’ve been wanting to collaborate for such a LONGGGGG TIME but seeing as we focus on slightly different aspects on our blog (i.e. different niches), it was a bit difficult finding something to collaborate on.

Anyways, we finally found some common ground (cough cough Food lol) and we decided to start raiding different food spots in Abuja.

First on our list was Yogurberry. We did this during a blogger menu taster hosted by Yogurberry! There were 3 other bloggers in attendance, all of whom have been featured on my blog at one point or another, Bella here, Kachi here and here and Alma here!

Anyways, enough chit-chat – oh wait, I forgot to explain what a menu raid is…

So basically, what we plan to do is visit different places in Abuja and try out different things from their menu. We’l document the whole experience and tell you exactly what we think about each item we taste and give you our individual ratings. It’s almost like a review but more fun because it’s just focused on food (God help our waist line #haha)

Enough of my rambling, here’s the video about our experience and Yogurberry and I hope you find it useful!

Have you been to Yogurberry before? What flavours or items are your fave?! ^_^


3 replies on “Lifestyle || Menu RAID! ft Ummeeta – YogurBerry. Here’s what we think…

  1. i loveeeeeedddddd the vlog, demi u shud do dis more often, nd it involved food omg what’s better dan dat? lol. umreetah i hope i got her name ryt is so pretty, nd dat was really cool of damilola adegbite featuring in d video, i think my love for her increased by a 100 afta dat lol. i’m a fan of froyo and yogurberry seems to be doing a good thing, i don’t think they’re in lagos tho. sad dier waffle sucks but den dats not their main interest. you’re doing a great thing Demi, kudos.

    1. Your comments ALWAYS Warm my heart hun! Thank you so much for stopping by and you nearly got her name right lol. It’s Ummeeta ^_^

      I definitely plan to do more vlogs although it’s a whole lot of effort but God will help me.

      Thanks once again love! Have an amazing week! ^_^


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