Did the wrap top just become a wardrobe essential? Well it seems like it.

Fashion enthusiast and other powers that be in the fashion world will never hesitate to tell you about the colours and cut of items you need in your closet to create the ultimate Capsule wardrobe! Never heard that phrase before? Well it’s basically the dream closet every stylista works towards building as it contains all the basics needed to create an outfit. It’s a collection of items where item A can be paired with almost every other item in the collection and item B as well, item C and so on so forth.

Items like a white T-shirt, Blue jeans, Black court shoes, A black bag, Black smart trousers are a few examples of the items that make up a Capsule wardrobe – I’m sure you get the gist (I might just do a post on creating a capsule wardrobe on a budget, what do you think?)

Anyways, I propose that in addition to all the items already listed as a Capsule wardrobe essential, a plain coloured wrap top should also be on the list! Here’s why…

#1 It Can be styled with Wide leg pants!

… and this look is perfect for attending events where you want to make a statement in a subtle way. This look is more about letting the pants do the talking but the wrap nature of the top is perfect for adding the all important feminine touch to your look.

P.S. Did I mention that this outfit cost me only N7,500? ^_^ (N9,000 if you include the bag)

#2 Can be styled with Multi-prints

… and it’s perfect for toning down the loud nature of such prints without killing it completely. Just imagine if I paired the pants with a basic T-shirt. See how boring it would have looked?

#3 Can be styled with skirts

… This one’s for all those who find it hard styling skirts like myself – I hope I’m not the only who finds it difficult knowing what to wear with a skirt because it ends up looking boring and bland. Thankfully though, wrap tops are simple enough yes also very interesting to make them the ideal basic top!

#4 Perfect for a flirty night out look

Pairing your wrap top with shorts or a mini skirt makes it perfect for date night or a night around town with your friends.

So those are my 4 reasons why you need to get yourself a wrap top but before you go, which look is your fave?

1, 2, 3 or 4?


18 replies on “Style Tip || Did the wrap top just become a wardrobe essential? 4 stylish ways to wear a wrap top.

  1. I am having a hard time deciding which look is best but I may be tempted to go for look 1 and 4 because both looks very comfy. Now, I have figured out how to style my wrap top differently.


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