Lifestyle || A Day in the Life of Demi Akin : Food Expo

Hey everyone!

So I finally got round to recording my first COMPLETE vlog after trying several times and either forgetting during the day to keep vlogging, or just plain disliking the videos once I was done or never getting round to editing them (Yes, I have a whole heap of excuses for why I’ve never posted a vlog, but anyways….)

This year is the year of Change! –Β You know, new blog name, new things to explore on and all that so yeah! – Let’s add vlogging to the list of new things I do here on my blog.

Now before you go and watch the video, please don’t expect to see any perfect life in these videos – I didn’t wear makeup once! Except for lipstick and my room was extremely messy through out the vlog which is unlike me normally (Ellen and I that is) but we had a really rough week and cleaning our room was not on our priority list… Now that that’s out of the way – Enjoy!!! ^_^

P.S. – You can skip right to minute 6 if you just want to watch the food expo bit! ^_^



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