It’s not my blog anniversary and it’s not my birthday; but I feel the need to talk about this topic, because more than ever, I can truly see how much of a better person I’ve become both socially and in my personal life. I’ve been blogging for over 3 years and honestly, I’m so glad I made that decision to sign up to WordPress and start my blog. It’s been an amazing experience and while it has come with many perks that have made the journey worth while, my current stats as a blogger isn’t my biggest blog achievement.

My biggest achievement has been all the development I’ve gone through! Just to motivate someone out there who might be thinking of starting a blog or change the mindset of someone who’s thinkin of quitting their current blog, I’ll share with you a few ways blogging has improved my personal life so far.

Personal Style

Inevitably, as someone who loves fashion and blogs about fashion, my personal style has improved sooo much over the past years (See picture below).

A style post on my blog in 2015 vs 2018

It’s not that I used to dress badly, but my attention to every single detail of my outfit fashion wise is 110%! Now while some might think that’s not so much of a big deal, in the world we live in, having a good sense of style can take you to places. Remember the saying

” You’re addressed the way you dress”

Well, the saying is so true and although it’s sad that people still judge a lot by appearance, I’m glad my personal style has improved – That’s one less social barrier I have to worry about (Praise God!)

Self Confidence

There’s a sense of achievement that comes with blogging. Being able to keep up with your schedule, be accountable to those who read and follow your blog, being able to connect deeply with those within your network, being able to go to a networking event and not feel out-of-place because you have something of your own to talk about, something to tell people about when that dreaded question “What do you do?” comes up… All these help to boost a person’s self-confidence and for me especially, the evidence in so glaring.

3 years ago, I would never have gone to an event where I knew not even a single person. Now, I feel like I own something – almost like my own mini business and you know that pride that comes from being a business owner? Yep! That’s exactly how I feel a lot of the time.

Also knowing that I truly have a voice that people appreciate (Thank you guys!) and having the opportunity to meet so many people, are things that are great for confidence building.

So yeah… Cheers to (former HighStreetMania too #lol)

Photography Skills

Need I say more?… Just have a look at the pictures below taken both by me for posts published on this blog. The difference and improvement are clear and apart from the fact that I now have a better camera, my knowledge of photography is much better. From the use of editing software to camera angles, I think I’ve got it on lock down!



Better Network

It’s amazing how many opportunities have come my way in my short time as a blogger. The number of people I have met at Blogging and Influencer events that have had an impact on my life has been AMAZING!

If I’m honest, I think being a blogger made settling down into Nigeria much easier than it would have been if I wasn’t.

My first job when I got back to Nigeria was also through someone I met at a blogging event! I’ve been able to meet a lot of people who I can call up for different things and at different points in my life. It truly feels good to be able to connect with people in the city I live in and beyond.

Now, while I appreciate that everyone will not have the same opportunity as the next person, I’m sincerely of the opinion that blogging, when done right, opens doors to many opportunities. It’s not always about the products you get, the money you make or the cool events you get to attend. Sometimes, the personal development you get is much more worth any other thing you can get based on blog stats.

I’ll tell you a little secret, my NYSC job has absolutely nothing to do with the degree I studied and that’s by choice. I use more of the knowledge gained as a blogger at work and if not for anything else, I’m happy that all the money spent investing time into becoming a better blogger, is now ‘PAYING’ off literally!


47 replies on “Lifestyle || How Blogging Improved My Personal Life!

  1. Hello Demi, I totally agree with you and I love this post as well. I’ll like to say, that there’s just something about accepting one’s creative side that changes everything. I started performing Poetry last year and trust me, everything you mention is so apt! from the confidence level, to better networks, to awesome photography skills as well. Gosh, did you see the difference between your 2015 and 2018 photos? Amaaaaaazing!!!

  2. Am Wow! its only my first year officially blogging am inspired by you with 3 years down the line for yourself. Keep it Gal

  3. Quite a revealing post. I agree with you, Demi! I think blogging is way therapeutic… Nice post you have here. And by the way I enjoy your articles. I’m new here. And I’m still reading through some of them at the moment.

    Keep up the good works!

  4. I loved this! And congrats on all your realizations and success 🙂 I’ve only been blogging a few months but already *feel* better than I did when I started. You’re right about the pride and the sense of ownership – it’s really cool 🙂 for me, it’s also just been such a great outlet. I’ve always been a writer, but for more professional ventures, not to just say what’s on my mind. That’s why I started Things I’m Thinking, if you ever want to check it out: 🙂

    Congrats again on all your successes! Wishing you many more.

  5. Yeeees to bettering ourselves I can totally relate blogging has changed some aspects of my life too. Happy for you ❤️

  6. This posts was really needed.
    First time stopping by your blog.
    I only started blogging about a month ago and truly I can see how much attention I pay to the way I edit and take pictures and also my style.
    Personal development is truly important for growth.
    My throwback is not it at all lool! Thanks for the post.

  7. I guess blogging improved my personal life too… And there’s so much information out there. When I started reading other people’s blogs, I became aware and informed about things that I didn’t know before.
    My personal style and photography skills improved too.
    The process is wonderful.

    1. There are many different ways hun. Paid ad banners on the blog, sponsored posts, instagram posting, reviews of places/brands… the list is endless

  8. God bless you for this………i finally had the courage to start a blog early this year and in a very short time between registration, customizing, creating content and getting pictures for it has been challenging but i am learning a lot of things already the process is slower than i thought but this post has encouraged me to put in the work and just continue

  9. Oh yes! I totally agree with this post. Blogging makes me research which is another cool way of reading and gaining knowledge which I would never open a book to do.

    1. Lol – Preach!!! I’m not a book person at all but I’ll definitely spend hours going through the web to find information for my next post

  10. This is awesome! I recently started blogging and after reading all of this, I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. Especially because of the personal development it’ll bring. Discipline is something that’s needed no matter where a person finds himself. Thanks for this post.

  11. This post is so relatable especially about dressing. These days, the way I explore my outfits surprises me. A lot of people will tell me, ‘No, you shouldn’t wear it like that’. And when I eventually rock, I can see the surprise on their face about how good it looks.

    Talking about confidence, I am still working on that but it is far better than when I wasn’t blogging at all.

  12. Demi I really enjoyed this blog post because I could relate to most of what you said especially when it comes to personal development although I’ve not even scratched the surface yet. I also got a job offer which has nothing to do with what I studied in school, because of blogging! Blogging can literally change your life. Thanks for this post, really inspiring.

  13. I really enjoyed reading this post and personal development is very important. Blogging has helped me build my skills in editing pictures/videos, build my self confidence, my planning skills & the ability to reach out without the fear of rejection (I hope that makes sense. I’m glad you wrote this post.

    1. Thanks hun! and exactly!! Those are the things people hardly take note of and I feel it’s just as important as any other benefit you might get from blogging!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Awesome. I agree. I feel like blogging definitely increases your confidence because you’re accountable for your own site and being able to share your voice with others.

    1. Aww! I’m glad I could do that. Honestly, it’s more than just getting recognised for what you do. It’s nice to have that but the discipline you learn unconsciously from bring dedicate to a blog is something that will take you places in all aspects of your life


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