A few months back I used to think winter was the worst thing that could happen to my skin. I had totally forgotten about the struggles of Harmattan in Nigeria until I noticed the skin of my leg started to look very scaly.  Luckily, with the signs of raining season showing up everywhere and the first rain fall (Praise God!), I think it’s time to start thinking of how to get that skin glow back! It’s out with the dead skin and in with new baby soft skin!… and guess what? I’ve put together a list of my favorite things to use and do to get you skin back in check!

So without further ado, here are my top 3 skin come back essentials!


A bit predictable right? But from skin to hair, Ori is my fave product of all time and is probably the best thing you can do to your skin right now.

Shea Butter is extremely moisturizing and also makes your Skin soft – which is exactly the opposite of what harmattan does (and has done) to your skin!

Now, I know many people complain about either the smell or the texture of shea butter in it’s natural form but that can easily be fixed! Have you heard of whipping shea butter? You can easily whip your shea butter with a scented oil to get rid of the smell or with you current favourite body lotion! Whipping also makes it fluffy and easy to use. So if either of these 2 are stopping you from using shea butter, well… problem fixed!


Body Scrub

How to use a Lianor Beauty Bar body scrub

As much as you may have tried to avoid dry skin, sometimes it just shows up and that’s why a body scrubs are essential. It is very necessary and helpful for getting rid of dry skin quickly! Whether you get a scrub at home or at the spa, its of utmost importance for the skin rejuvenation process.


I find body scrubs particularly helpful for removing dry skin from lips, parts of the face and also legs (those are the areas of special attention).

When opting for a use at home body scrub, I prefer to use scrubs that are organic and have some type of oil or natural moisturizer (like honey) in them. I also love to know exactly what I’m applying to my skin and prefer to use natural ingredients as part of my skin care routine #TeamSensitiveSkin #TeamCombinationSkin.

A few brands that stock really good body scrubs are Lianor’s Beauty Bar who’s products I’ve reviewed here and Bath Kandy as well!

Alternatively, you can make your very own scrub using this tutorial as a guide.



Yep! You probably already knew this as well but someone always needs to reinforce this point. Water Water Water. Dermatologist have said that drinking water keeps you hydrated and helps you maintain healthy skin from within. The target is to drink between 2-3 litres per day and trust me, I’m no where near hitting that target but it’s important to try and drink as much as you possibly can EVERYDAY!

The items listed above are my top 3 choices but other things you can do to get your skin back in check are:

  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight and use sunscreen AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Wear a hat if you must.  Sun burn comes very subtly and is no respecter of person.
  • Try a Detox – Sometimes skin problems are a symptom of something going wrong within.
  • Sleep more – Believe it or not, SLEEP HELPS!

So I guess that’s it from me – My top tips on getting your skin back on check!

How do you keep your skin healthy?



10 replies on “Beauty || 3 Things YOU MUST DO To Get Your Skin Back In Check! #HarmattanIsOver

    1. Hmmm. I’m not sure actually. All the scrubs I used while in the uk just felt too gentle for my skin. Your best bet is probably to make it yourself or buy from a Nigerian brand that ships to the UK. Lianor and bath kandy deliver to the uk

  1. my dear, it’s ori and water o. i try to take lots of water everyday and i use shea butter as my body cream for a very long time now. i just use a body butter for my face cos i gwer pimples when i use shea butter on my face so during harmattan my body didnt look dry or anything, twas glowing baby.

    1. Lol. Trust meeeee – Ori all the way. Everyone knows me and my Shea butter (Chi says it makes me shine too much lol but I love it still).

      I actually use it on my face too but very little. If it gives you pimples though, try using coconut oil for your face. It’s a much lighter oil and less likely to clog your pores


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