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Here I am, back again with another Jar tutorial (Check out the first one here!). This time, I’m making a décor piece which can be used and placed in almost any part of the house – Your bedroom, living room or even the kitchen and it can serve so many purposes as well! So far, this has to be my favorite DIY décor piece currently adorning my room (Wait… I think photo frame one is my fave but oh wells – can’t choose).

Enough of the story, Let me stop boring you and move on to showing you how to make this item for yourself!

Here’s a list of things you’ll need

An old jar

Some faux flowers and leaves

A Styrofoam ball – I got mine from Art World Abuja (There are branches in Lagos and PH as well)

A Glue gun

diy room decor with jars-7

Step 1

Remove the lid of your jar and press your Styrofoam ball on the rim of the jar to create an impression of where the lid usually sits. This is to help you know where to start placing the faux flowers in the next step!

Step 2

Using your glue gun, begin to attach your faux flowers. Start by gluing the flowers just above the impression made on the Styrofoam ball. The next layer should be above the layer of flowers you stuck on previously and so on until you get to top of the ball.

Once you’re done placing the flowers, if you notice any gaps in between, feel free to glue on some more flowers to cover up the space!

If you’re using foam flowers (Like the ones I used in this DIY), you might need to remove the outermost petal layer of the flower to make it smaller so it fits perfectly into the gap

Step 3

The last and final step is to add your faux leaves to the pomander (i.e. the flowers on the ball ^_^). Attach them to the bottom of the ball as shown below.

Tip : You can also decorate your flowers with rhinestones, pearls or any other decor of your choice!

Once you’re done placing your leaves, your DIY is pretty much complete. All you need to do is now place your floral pomander on top of your jar and your decor piece is done!


diy room decor with jars-35

As you can see in the picture above, I made two versions – one with a silver coated jar and one that’s transparent. You can choose to colour your jar if you want with some spray paint or just leave it as it is!

So now that you’ve seen it, what do you think?

DIYs by Demi – Think, Like, Create!

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