Every fashion enthusiasts has their personal style secrets and while this might change a little from time to time, there are certain aspects that tend to remain the same. That’s why it’s very easy to identify a style as being so someone (e.g. being so Demi). It’s the same reason you’ll spot a pair of shoes or a hand bag or a skirt and say “Demi will like that”; That’s because over time there are certain things that Demi wears that makes any look she has on her style.

Now while that’s all good and pretty, there are certain style secrets that can be used by everyone to take a look from 0 to 110% real quick. These secrets have been used by many and myself in particular and by the end of this post, I’m sure you’ll understand why and agree with me that you too need to embrace them!

So without further adieu, here are my top 3 style secrets!

Secret #1 – Dramatic Outer-Wear

I love to keep my outfit-canvas very solid most of the time, i.e. I prefer to wear T-shirts, Camisoles, Blouses and Bottoms that don’t have busy patterns or any pattern at all (Go ahead, scroll through my style gallery and you’ll see it’s true ^_^).

Now because of my love for solid colours, it means my outfits have the tendency to look very basic if not properly styled. My quickest option to add life to my look more often than not is to wear some sort of outer-wear. It might be a kimono, a blazer, a jacket or something along those lines. However, as the sub-heading of this point suggests, it has to be very dramatic. By this I mean, have an exaggerated feature – either length, sleeves or pattern. Any of the 3 works just fine.

Demi Akin Abuja Fashion Blogger 2018-12

Secret #2 – Quality Staples

Following on from the previous point, of course the staple pieces you own need to be on point. Most times when we think of staples or basics, we only think of Jeans and a white and black shirt, but it’s so much more than that. When I talk about staple pieces, I don’t just mean your everyday White T-shirt or Black Skirt, it extends to items like getting a good pair or mum jeans, quality Skirts, Black leggings. Most importantly, make sure you invest in pieces that can stand the test of time.

I’ve owned only 1 pair of mom jeans in the past 2 and a half years and I’ve styled it over and over with hardly anyone taking note of the fact that it’s the same pair of jeans. In fact, writing this post and going through my media files also revealed that I had the same white skirt for over 3 years and I gave it out a few weeks back in really good shape.

Bottom line, invest in quality basics and make sure you have as many of them as you can lay your hands on. They are the building blocks of any killer look!

Secret #3 – Statement Pieces

This is the second time I’m emphasising this point on my blog and here’s why!

Remember these shoes? The one you love you so much from my instagram and if you haven’t seen them before, the ones you probably love now? I’ve had them for a really long time. EACH TIME I wear them, I get questions about where they are from which shows home much of a statement piece they are – like wise my caged heels in the picture below.

Now, I’m not trying to show off my shoes or say I’ve got the best wardrobe collection but only illustrating a point. Statement pieces remain statement pieces. It does not matter the year, time or occasion. Such items hardly go out of style and always do the talking for you and that’s why they are one of my top style secrets! Invest in statement pieces. However, the key to keeping their ‘value’ high is to not over wear them.

Don’t turn them to your ‘uniform’ or that piece everyone knows they’ll definitely catch you dead wearing. Make them exclusive. Bring them out of their hiding place when you’re not too hyped about your outfit or need something that’ll make you unforgettable at an event. It could be a hand bag or a clutch, a piece of jewellery, even a pair of jeans that’s extremely different. Whatever rocks your boat!

Now that I’ve spilled the beans, take a step back and see if the points mentioned add up. I’m sure you’ll find they’ll do and I hope you use them in your day-to-day life and slay all the way!

Until next time!

Demi xoxo


9 replies on “Style Tip || How to Slay the Effortlessly – My Style Secrets

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  2. Amazing style tips you’ve shared there. I am one of those who will wear a good shoe on a bad outfit day to make a statement. Thanks for sharing these, Demi.


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