Valentine is around the corner and while in all honesty I’m not so crazy about it, it’s always nice to still have plans for the day. Whether your hanging out with a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or with yourself #lol, it’s always nice to have plans for valentine’s day. However, at this very moment while I write this post, I have NO CLUE what Chi has in store for the day and just in case there’s a bit of disappointment on the day (I doubt there will lol), I decided it’ll be nice to go out for a pre-valentine date – our place of choice? Kalakut Café Abuja.

Located on Mambilla Street at the edge of Maitama lies this hidden treasure which I can already tell will become one of our go-to chill spots. I found out about the Café via instagram and after talking about it with Chi, we decided to visit sometime last year for drinks. On arriving at the place last year, I tell you it was love at first sight. It’s a creative’s haven with so many spots, corners, walls and inscriptions all calling our name everywhere we turned. It’s secluded nature also makes it perfect for any couple or persons looking for a place to have good food, talk and still have that much-needed privacy to be yourself. So if it’s privacy you want, Kalakut Café’s the place for you; If you’re looking for a spot with good pictures, Kalakut Café’s got it… but that said, I’m sure you’re also concerned about the quality of the food and the cost as well right? Wellllll If you read my post on Chi and I’s favorite places to hangout under 5k, you’ll know we’re not so big on splashing out unnecessarily for our date nights. So be rest assured that the price range of everything on the menu is very very pocket friendly.

The service was also good and the staff are very friendly. The food was good, presentation was A+ and overall we had a good evening together… but just incase you want some more details, here’s the break down of what Kalakut Café’s really like and our dinning experience!

Kalakut Cafe-28-2-2


Like I already mentioned, the ambiance is great and very calming. The Café is located within Ventures park which has various work-spaces occupied by various organisations but that does not in any way takeaway from your experience or chill time at the Café. It is surprisingly very calm and relaxing especially towards evening time and there are various spots you can choose to sit and eat – The upper patio, the lower outdoor area or inside by the Mini Bar. Chi and I prefer the patio area as it has a nice view of Aso Rock and feels a bit more private.

Location images from

Locating the Café during your first visit might however be a challenge but fear not! If you’ve got google maps, you can easily locate the Café as it’s on the map and the directions are very, very accurate (All hail Uncle Google!).

Service and Food…

The service received was decent! – The staff are friendly and you can tell they are well-trained and are good at their job. I’m all about good customer service and wherever there’s good service, you’ll definitely find me there again and again. We were promptly attended to and handed over the menus – 1 drink menu and 1 food menu. After scrolling through the pages of each of them, we finally settled or more like I finally made the decision of what we’ll have (Chi hardly decides what he wants to eat when we go out rolls eyes)

Chi had the Buffalo Wings and Wedges and the Caipiroska Cocktail , while I got the Chicken Sandwich and Fries and a Caramel Frappe. Although we had to wait a bit for the order to come, it was still relatively on time compared to some other places we’ve been too but on arrival, the little time we had to wait was completely forgotten! The presentation of the food was 99%!!!! (I save the 1% for myself lol)  – For someone who’s bound to take loads of pictures of the food before actually eating, this made me really happy personally. The newspaper style branding on the chip wrap sold it for me as well as how nicely dressed the drinks were. On the other hand, Chi just wanted to eat! #haha.

After all the food paparazzi was done, the true test of the whole experience came – Taste and Satisfaction. I must confess that at first sight, I felt the portions looked very small. After my first few bites though, I quickly changed my mind as it was surprisingly filling and Chi agreed as well… Then again, I don’t eat massive portions but still. Café’s generally don’t serve outrageously large quantities of food so we were quite satisfied with what we got. The food tasted nice and the drinks were REALLY good as well (Yep, I tasted everything – including Chi’s food and drink #GirlFriendBehaviour – Spot the chicken wing in my hand in the picture below).

The total cost of our order was approximately N7,650. Here’s the breakdown:

Buffalo Wings and Wedges – N2,300

Chicken Sandwich and Fries – Approx N2,000 (I’ve forgotten the exact price but it shouldn’t be much higher than this)

Caipiroska Cocktail – N2,150

Caramel Frappe – N1,200

… Don’t panic! It might sound a little over budget for some people but you can always bring your cost down by going for an alternative order! Get 2 plates of the Buffalo wings and wedges, order soft drinks or beers and you’ll easily bring your cost down to N6,000 or less!

Kalakut Cafe-25-2-2


So in conclusion, do I see myself going to Kalakut Café again? Will Chi and I ever visit again? My honest answer?

Yes! Mainly because of the great location of the Café. It’s such a private spot that I’m sure whenever Chi and I need to do some serious heart to heart talk over a nice meal, we’ll find ourselves heading towards Kalakut Café…

*Sponsored post – Kalakut Café Abuja

Kalakut Cafe is Located at Ventures Park, 29 Mambilla street, Aso drive (former U.S Embassy). Connect with them on Instagram at @OfficialKalakutCafe

The Cafe’s open from 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays 

GREAT NEWS! – Get 10% off your order at Kalakut Cafe when you quote the code KALAKUTCHIMI2/18 when paying your bill! ☺️

Pictures by Emeka of  Dkinboss @dkinboss_inc


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