If you follow me on Social media (and by that I mean Instagram lol), chances are, you probably already know Chi. We both lead slightly busy lives but we also believe that in order to sustain our relationship, we must make out time to spend with each-other. Most times we visit each-other at home but when we need to be just by ourselves, out we go and most times we head out to eat! #Foodies ^_^ orrrrrr on the other hand, we’ll

If you think about it, on a minimum, it translates to at least 1 outing a week and if time’s not taken, we’ll run down our bank accounts in no time just spending on dates! So we did a little spot hunt and found these 5 amazing places to eat out for less than 5k!

Can you guess the places on our list?

Metro Cafe!

Metro cafe was the first place we fell in love with. Apart from the ambience of the place especially at night, the cost of a decent meal isn’t expensive at all! In fact, Chi and I already have a staple order that cost us between N3,300 and N4,800 every time we visit. Here’s the breakdown

  • 2 Ice Teas – N600 (N300 each)
  • 1 portion of bbq wings (7-8 wings in a portion) – N1,500
  • 1 portion of Jollof rice – N700
  • 1 portion of Fries – N500

Order total? N3,300 and when we’re a little bit more hungry we add an extra portion of wings which brings the bill to N4,800. You can bring the total cost of your bill even lower by going for Fizzy drinks which cost N200 a bottle. Did I hear someone say BARGAIN!!!!

Waffle Stop!

This is more of a place for me more than it is for Chi but it still works! Waffle stop is located at Dunes and they serve well, waffles! – oh yes and pancakes. The base price for a waffle is N2,500 for pancakes N1,500. If you’re planning to keep your order at 5k or below, here’s what your order could look like,

  • 2 pancakes – N3,000
  • 2 small lemonades – N1,000

… or if you want to try a waffle, you could get 1 waffle and 1 pancake which totals to N4,000 excluding drinks. Either way, if you want to keep your order below N5,000, it’s definitely possible.

Nice Foods Bukka – GSM Village Zone 3

Now if you and BAE like to rough it a little every now and again, then you should check out this place. It’s the typical ‘Mama Put’ sort of place but the food is really nice. The staff are also very friendly and I love to eat here whenever I need some traditional Nigerian food in my belly! Our order usually comprises of

  • 2 Fufu / Akpu
  • 2 Assorted Meat White soup
  • 1 bottle of coke – because everything taste better with coke #haha

Order total always comes to N1,600. Now you tell me why we won’t go back to this Bukka every other week? It cost me less than I spend of data a month!

Silver Bird Galleria

Cliche right? but honestly, the classic movie date is perfect for any couple! Especially if you go on a Wednesday. N1,000 for a movie ticket with free popcorn and a drink + an extra hot dog for just N600 brings your total bill to N3,200 for 2 people. So tell me again why going to the movies shouldn’t be on this list?!

There are a few other places we go to but for the purpose of the theme of this post they haven’t been included – We also have a few other places to we’ll like to visit and hopefully, I’ll remember to publish a review!

Where do you like to hangout/eat out? Have you been to any of these places?

8 replies on “Chi ‘N I || Places we eat or Hangout for 5k or Less! #Abuja

  1. I’m forwarding to the bae already πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Time to date on a budget 😁😁

    I’ve been hearing too much about Metro Cafe, seems it’s time to visit.

    Thanks for sharing, Demi ❀️

    1. Yesssss. You NEED TO Visit metro cafe although they are currently undergoing reconstruction but when they open up you HAVE to visit.

      I hope you and Bae like these places too ^_^😁


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