DIY || Dress to Jumpsuit in 2 minutes!

It’s official! I have a thing for refashioning items. When I saw this dress at the thrift market, I immediately knew I wanted to make a jumpsuit out of it and so I did!

Here’s how I turned my thrifted dress into a jumpsuit in a few easy steps! BUT as always, here are a few things you’ll need

A Dress

A pair of scissors

A sewing machine / needle and thread

… and here’s the tutorial! Enjoy!

What do you think?

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DIY, Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Lover of all things creative and an avid bargain hunter! lol :p

22 thoughts on “DIY || Dress to Jumpsuit in 2 minutes!”

  1. Wow!!! I’m still wowing! Demiiiiii, you make DIY look so easy and lovely. I’m already thinking of all the dresses I’d love to turn into jumpsuit…

    1. Lol… Thanks hun! Don’t go and cut cut all your dresses though but if you do, send me a before and after! I’ll put it up on my blog ^_^

      Thanks for stopping by as always!


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