Makeup has become one of the most used products among the female gender. It often makes it way into a lot of conversations among women and young girls these days and whether it’s the new foundation you heard about or the new lash enhancing mascara, favourite lip colour or that makeup blending brush that gives you the perfect finish, there’s just something about Makeup!

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What I find interesting is that there’s even more joy when you find yourself in a room with your girls, and you’re all getting your makeup done together. I personally love and enjoy such moments especially when I’m getting ready for a night out or a special event with my girls… BUT there’s so much skin damaging danger lurking around in such situations and I think you should know about them!

If you ask anyone that knows me personally, they’ll quickly let you know that Demi isn’t one to share a lot – I mean share makeup a lot. I’ve battled with skin blemishes since I was 13 and adding more complications to my already existing issues by sharing certain makeup products, doesn’t sound like such a good idea to me!

So here are a few makeup products you should AVOID SHARING with ANYONE and why!


Mascara is one of those products that gets extremely close to your eyes and so sharing it can put your eyes at risk of infection. Eyelashes are meant to protect your eyes and so if you share your mascara with someone who has a bacterial infection or anyone at all, you might be putting yourself at risk as well.

Do not ever say to yourself

“I know this person”

“They have good hygiene”

Even if all these are true, you don’t know where the person might have been within the past few hours or what bacteria might be growing in that person’s body.

Sharing mascara can lead to a transfer of eye fluids and if you think about it, you really actually do not want to be doing that with anyone. I always say to people, your eyes are organs that cannot be easily replaced! So take care of them VERY WELL!


For the same reason as mascara…

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are breathing grounds for bacteria. Adding to the fact that most people don’t wash their brushes often, the moist nature of makeup on brushes, makes it so easy for bacteria to thrive on them.

Soooo… tell me exactly why you want to share your brushes with someone else or use someone else’s brushes? This is a massive NO NO for every girl especially if your skin is prone to acne or easily breaks out.

That said, make sure you wash your brushes often (if possible weekly) for your own good as well!

Read More : How to wash your makeup brushes at home!

Lipsticks and Lipgloss

You wouldn’t kiss someone who had a cold sore or any sort of lip infection will you? So why will you share your lipstick or lipgloss with people whose lip health history you have no idea of?

Has having a cold sore stopped you from applying lipstick or lipgloss every single time you’ve had it? I bet your answer is most likely No… So yeah, don’t share lipstick or lipgloss unless you don’t mind standing the chance of being infected

Cream Makeup

This refers to makeup products that are cream based like whipped blushes, cream eye-shadows, compact foundations etc and you shouldn’t share them for the same reason as before…

Moist environments = Bacteria Friendly Environment

Bacteria Friendly Environment = Bacteria Growth

Bacteria Growth = Bad for YOU!!!!


This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it should give you an idea of the sort of products you should avoid sharing! You wouldn’t share your toothbrush or sponge with anyone so why should you share makeup that’s very personal and comes in contact with your skin A LOT!

Yes skin care takes a lot of work but it’s always worth it in the end! Got any other questions?



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