“Christmas Christmas Time is here…” – In Alvin and the Chipmunks voice #lol.

I love Christmas time, everyone is much nicer during this time of year plus it reminds me of the Jesus a lot – even though I don’t believe He was born on Christmas day but anyways…

Asides from the religious aspect of Christmas, it’s also the MOST COLORFUL time of the year. You cannot go through your day in the month of December without coming across one Christmas decoration. Most common of them all are the Baubles and this tutorial will show you how to make your very own baubles from newspaper!

It’s super easy and a fun project to work on with team members, little children or even by yourself and it’ll look totally amazing on your Christmas tree of hanging around your house or work space!… but before we go into the tutorial, a list of things you’ll need!


Some shredded newspaper 

Top bond glue or any other PVA glue (e.g. Mod Podge)

A paint brush / Craft brush or improvise like me using an old makeup brush #haha

Some Glitter

Some Ribbon

Pearls (Optional)

Now here’s the tutorial! Enjoy and let me know what you think!



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