It’s been a minute since I posted a beauty related tutorial but after getting a few requests to show how I achieve my Sleek Low Bun, I just had to come through!

So here it is as a 4 minute tutorial and I hope you find it useful! I’ll leaveĀ  few more tips right at the bottom of this video just to support the video clip!


Tips for Short hair

I’ve been doing this hairstyle for over a year now and my hair wasn’t as long as it is now. It never used to pack into a single bun but like I mentioned in the video, it doesn’t matter. It might just mean you having to use a bit more gel but it is definitely possible to achieive this look regardless of your hair length

How to maintain your low bun for long wear

Your low bun can be worn for up to a week or more depending on how you maintain it. I usually tie my hair with a scarf when I sleep at night and MOST times it is just as perfect as the night before. Sometimes I will have baby hairs flying out of place but this is mainly because when I wash my face at night, water sometimes touches the front of my hair.

So whenever this happens, I just apply a LITTLE bit of gel to the front of my hair to get the baby hairs back in place.

Does it break your hair?

I personally haven’t had any experience with hair breakage from carrying this style. If anything, my hair grows better when I wear it like this continuously because I am literally not fiddling with it at all. However, it is important that whenever you wash your hair, you wash it thoroughly and make sure you get all the gel out. Do not EVER Comb your hair with dry gel in it.

So that’s it guys… I think I’ve covered most of the aspects I get questions about but if there’s anything else you’ll like to know, please feel free to ask using the comment section!



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