I think it’s about time we got into the christmas spirit here at HighStreetMania what do you think?

What better way to kick off the season that with a look book collaboration featuring Kuyet Bamai – undoubtedly Abuja’s most sort after male blogger and I’m so glad we worked on this together!

Of course, the pictures couldn’t have been lit without an amazing photographer behind the lens and I have no one else other that Chibuzo Onukwube to thank for that! (If you know you know wink wink

Anyways, let’s get right into it with 2 different looks for the season that are perfect for the stylish couple and a few tips to consider when putting together your christmas outfit this year (From a female perspective ^_^ – I’ll leave Kuyet to talk about the male aspect lol) !

Date Night!

When I think of date night, I think Fun, Flirty and Chic! Most women want their man to look at them on a date and get that little sense of pride that makes him want to tell everyone in the restaurant that you’re his. In addition to that, I also try not to expose so much skin but reveal just enough to give my look a pinch of sexy to it.

So for date night’s especially this during the christmas season, consider dresses with low back cuts, off shoulder necklines or long-sleeved dresses that stop just about the knee. To also ensure your outfit screams Christmas, consider bright reds, dark greens, rich purples, dark blues (what I like to call midnight blue) and gold tones

As you can see from the pictures, I went for a dress with an off shoulder neckline (monostrap) mainly for two reasons! I loved the cut of the dress and it only cost me N5,500 from Inighi.com! YEP! You read right and guess what? Inighi has also been kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you guys! whoop whoop

Use the code InighiDemi and you get 5% off your ENTIRE order. If I were you, I’ll stop by quick and shop before it’s too late (the struggle to get this dress in my size was real!!!!) – Anyways I digressed…

As you can also see from Kuyet’s look, he chose to style a dark green blazer with blue pants, detailing with little touches of red and a tie that couldn’t be anymore christmas appropriate! (More on his look on his blog HERE!)

… onto the next look!

Corporate Dinner

For this look, my inspiration was to create something that could easily transition from day to night. Although the sleeves on the Dress Top I wore isn’t entirely work friendly in every industry, the colour allows for it to be worn underneath something like a blazer or a jacket. That way, by night you are ready to move on to the next event for the day!

I also chose to style it with this fluffy textured skirt I got from FulbeKloset* which again because of the dark colour, makes it perfect for work but the fluffiness makes it perfect for an event!

So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to be at work by day and at a dinner event by evening you can apply the same principles when thinking of what to wear.

Again, Kuyet’s look also gives off that afrocentric style with the tribal side panel pants which adds some edge to the entire outfit. However, the cardigan and classic white shirt make it corporate enough to be worn during the day!

Which outfit’s your fave?!

Quick shout out to Kuyet for choosing to work on this look book with me! THANK YOU! and to CBP Media for the ever fantastic Pictures! ^_^

Do well to stalk them on Instagram @KuyetBamia and @WizChibzy_

EXACT Head to toe details of my look here!

* 2nd Outfit sponsored by FulbeKloset



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