Different people have different ways of defining creative block. For some, it’s the lack of ideas especially when it relates to something you’ve done for a long time; For some it’s the lack of inspiration!

For me, it’s that moment when my mind completely goes blank. I personally believe creative block is a result of burning oneself out and in my personal experience, I ALWAYS go through a phase of creative block when I’ve powered on for far too long!  I’ve also noticed that the area I tend to experience a creative block in might not even be the aspect causing the block. It might be a result of stress from other aspects of my life or stretching myself too thin across various things, that I just find it hard to function at optimal level in any one aspect – and I have a feeling that if you clicked to read this post, you know this feeling too!

Creative blocks are the worst thing that can happen to a creative person. It leaves you feeling very inadequate and can lead to self-doubt. It can also leave you discouraged and if you don’t identify it on time, it could lead to you giving up. So how can you get rid of creative block or how do you deal with it?

I’m no expert but I’ll tell you a few things I do to get myself back on track when faced with Creative Block

#1 Take a Step back!

When you feel overwhelmed or feel like you’re going through a creative block phase, just take a step back. STOP all you’re doing. STOP Multi-tasking. STOP taking on new jobs or projects. Just take a step back. Withdraw a little from all those things you feel are taking over your ‘life’ and analyse the situation.

Think about everything in this context…

“Is it worth the stress?”

“Can it be put on hold?”

“Do I really need to be doing this at this point time?”

“Can I take a different approach to this task/job?”

Thinking about things this way will help you understand quickly what’s important and what’s not. It’ll also give you an opportunity to explore new approaches to things and generally give you a better perspective on the situation on ground – I call it, a mini life review!

#2 Change your environment

Sometimes, lack of inspiration can be due to your surroundings. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no more inspiration around you, but you may not be able to see and recognise them anymore because you’re too familiar with your environment. So change your environment to either search for new inspo or just so when you’re back to your ‘natural habitat’ #lol, you’ll be able to appreciate what’s around you and begin creating again!

#3 Search for Inspiration

Following on from point #2, searching for inspiration doesn’t just mean leaving your house literally, to find new inspiration. Your creative block might be as a result of tautology and the best way to get rid of it is to search for new inspiration. This can be done simply by reading up and doing a little research on people within your industry or line of work. Go on social media, ask uncle google but whatever you do, make sure you are doing some research.

Find out what’s new in your sphere of influence. Do a little digging to find out how people with similar job roles as yourself are carrying on with their own activities. You are sure to be inspired and sometimes you might just find a gap or loop-hole somewhere that you can fill which is sure to make you stand out!

#4 Reassure yourself

Last but definitely not the least is to reassure yourself. Remind yourself why you started in the first place. Tell yourself that you are enough and even if you decide to quit and start all over, at least you’ll know you didn’t quit the first time because you weren’t good enough.

There’s nothing worse than feeling inadequate in something you love to do and have done for years – it’s draining. So whenever the self-doubt aspect of creative block comes your way, just reassure yourself of your worth and capabilities!

Demi Akin in Shop Maju Nigerian Bloggers Abuja

Have you ever felt this way before? How did you get over it?


12 replies on “Lifestyle || Here’s how you overcome Creative Block!

  1. These are wonderful tips particularly taking a step back. So many times, we become so overwhelmed with what to do next or projects to take on next that it blocks creativity unknowingly. I’ve practiced this several times and it has worked every single time.

    1. Thanks hun! Taking a step back is something I try to do even when I seem fine creatively. It’s very important to always give yourself regular breaks

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’ve felt this way countless times and most times taking a break and not forcing it helps. I also take time out to see what other bloggers I look up to are doing, not to copy them but to get some sort of inspiration and this equally works.
    Thanks for sharing these tips Demi.

  3. I’ve felt this way almost all the time, thinking of everything and how I started and what I want to achieve keeps me going.

  4. I take a good refreshing break. I find joy in something else and before I know it, inspiration and creativity will come all over again and I begin again.

    Outfit is spot on!


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