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So today’s tutorial was inspired by Nigerian Blogger and Saxophonist Tuke Morgan. I met her at Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 and she had this gorgeous hand fan with her. I asked where she got it and to my dismay she said Ghana sob sob. Seeing as I couldn’t go all the way to Ghana to get the fan, I used the little time I had with her studying the fan trying to figure out how it was made and viola! I figured it out and made very own foldout Ankara Hand Fan and as usual, I have a tutorial for you guys on how to make one for yourself too! (see below)

… but before you go, here’s a list of some of the things you’ll need!

Fusible interfacing – a.k.a Collar Stay in Nigeria (half a yard is more than enough)

Ankara Fabric – about 12 by 45 inches in dimension

Heat bond hem – a.k.a Hemming gum (also Naija street name lol)

A measuring tape

A pair of scissors

A marker or tailoring chalk

Something to serve as handles – I used 4 kebab sticks

E600 Glue or UHU Gum

Pearls (optional)


P.S. – This fan is absolutely perfect for ‘asoebi’ especially if you want to stand out from the crowd wink wink


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