Hey guys!

It’s been ages since I created a YouTube video (More like 2 months ago lol) but anyways, here’s a really easy 2 minute DIY Tutorial on how to make a Frayed hem Denim skirt! Yep – another frayed Denim Tutorial.

I think I love them so much because fraying is a really easy, inexpensive way to add some edge to your denim + you do not need any special equipment to achieve the frayed look and it always looks fab! – Enough of my rambling though, here’s a list of supplies you’ll need for this tutorial!

Things you’ll need

An old Denim Skirt 

A pair of Scissors

Some Studs (Optional) – I got mine from a market in Lagos at N50 per dozen

A Blade and a Pin – For the fraying aspect

Enjoy the video!



10 replies on “DIY Frayed Studded Mini Denim Skirt #Refashion

  1. You know, I really need to get into diy-ing my old clothes. I’ve got a lot of ideas but not enough time! Also, I really need to visit Lagos just to go shopping at the markets there.


    1. You should!!! Trust me I can relate with the whole time thing. I always have ideas too but I’m sometimes too lazy to do any of them but it’s a great way to revamp those items you love, especially the good quality ones


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