A few of you may remember that earlier this year I created a Bucket list of things I wanted to do before my 23rd birthday. I promise you I was super excited to get every item done, but my final year project came, took over my life and wiped every plan I had on that list away!

Of the few things I’ve learnt this year, the lesson that “Things don’t always go as you plan” has to be the biggest lesson so far (I might have said that about something else too recently but oh wellllsssss #lol). Anyways, I was able to do a few things from my bucket list but my fave of them all was bungee jumping!

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It all started out as a joke, me just talking about doing something I saw in movies until I booked the date for my jump and I got an email back with my jump time!

On the 24th of June, I made a trip to the O2 (in London). I got to the venue with my friend Channon and her boyfriend Michael who encouraged me to go on with the jump even when I could feel my heart pounding; but that wasn’t my only motivation. I also committed to jump for charity in a bid to raise money for GHIEF, a Nigerian charity run by one of my blogger BAEs Rhoda Kusimo. So I went ahead with the jump as you can see from the video below and raised over £150 in the process!

Now here’s were all that money went to!

Convert the money raised to Naira (after the Just giving charges) and you get N71,000.

The complete sum was handed over to GHIEF who used the money to pay the school fees for a few children under its care. Part of it was also used to buy note books and school uniforms for them and I visited one of the schools to see some of the GHIEF Kids who benefited from the funds raised! Getting to L.E.A Primary school Utako, Abuja, seeing them in class and hearing their stories made me so happy to be part of such a project and I’m glad you all supported me as well!

Now, all that said, although GHIEF tries its best to keep these children in school, it’s a continuous process that constantly requires funds. School fees are paid 3 times in one academic year and we all know how many years it takes to complete even just the basic level of education education.

Rhoda and her team work day in day out to raise funds for GHIEF Kids and other projects the charity works on. One thing that touched my heart so much was that even on her last birthday this year, she took some goodies to one of the schools to celebrate with the children. She also had only one birthday wish and that was for people to sponsor a GHIEF child to school even with as little as N1,000 (£2 /$3).

Pictures from Rhoda’s birthday visit

I’m going to constantly try in my little way to support GHIEF whenever and however I can and I think you should do the same as well. Christmas is coming and whether you’re Christian or not, it’s a season of giving back and spreading love; but for some people, the season isn’t as cheerful as it should be.

Think of some of these children who require your help to stay in school during the next term or families looking for their next meal this season and donate whatever you have. Nothing is ever too small and I’m sure you can part with a little change! ^_^

Visit GHIEF’s website at www.GHIEF.orgwww.GHIEF.org for more information on how you can help but for now, cheers to  many more fundraising projects!

…. Maybe it’s a good time to consider that sky diving trip I’ve always spoken about 😀 

5 replies on “My Bungee Jumping Charity Fund Raiser Update and a what happened to my Bucket List?!

  1. What?! Mere looking at the pictures and the video and my hear is ‘tumertaulting’! Whatever that word mean 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    My biggest phobia in life is height. I remember my last roller coaster experience…I couldn’t stay still for the rest of the day. It was as though I was going to fall into something so deep.

    I doff my hat for you again 😅 Maybe one day, I’d conquer that fear for real…just maybe


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