DIY Phone Holder from Toilet Roll_-32

Hey guys!

So I’ve been on a recycling spree recently and generally trying to find new ways of creating magic from objects around me – hence the inspiration for today’s post using toilet roll! #lol. If this tutorial blows your mind away, then you’ll definitely want to stay up to date with me blog as I have even more ‘toilet roll’ tutorials coming up but today, here’s how to make a phone holder from toilet paper roll!

Things you’ll need

2 Toilet paper rolls

A pair of scissors

Foam sheets ( I got mine from an art shop called Art World in Abuja for N400 for A3 size)

A glue gun

A marker 

A ruler or something with a straight edge

Craft glue – preferably UHU, Evostik, E600 or Top Bond

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Cut a straight line through your two toilet rolls

Step 2

Place the toilet rolls inside each other like shown in the pictures below!

Step 3

Cut a small slice off ONE of the toilet rolls to create the groove for your phone to lie in (See pictures for a clarification).

You have now formed the base for your phone holder!

DIY Phone Holder from Toilet Roll_-10

Step 4

Lay your foam sheet flat on your work surface. Then place your toilet roll on one edge of your foam sheet and mark the length of the toilet roll.

Using this mark as a guide, take your ruler or straight edge object and your marker and draw a straight line across your foam sheet.

Once this is done, cut along the marked line.

Step 5

Now it’s time to permanently join both toilet rolls together.

Do this by applying some glue using your glue gun at every point where both rolls meet. Make sure you do not alter the shape of your phone holder base while doing so!

Step 6

Take your craft glue and apply it generously all over your toilet roll.

Once you’re done, begin to cover your toiler rolls using your foam sheet. Cut off the excess you may have when you get to the end!

P.S. – I actually prefer using a very sticky glue like UHU for this step rather than the top bond, but I was way too deep in the tutorial before I figured out it would have been a better option #lol

DIY Phone Holder from Toilet Roll_-19

Step 7

Now it’s time to cover the round edges. Do this by tracing the shape on your left over foam sheet. Cut out the shape and glue it on to your phone holder using your glue gun and voila!

C’est Fini!

What do you think?!

Disclaimer : This tutorial was inspired by something similar I found on pinterest^_^

9 replies on “DIY || Phone Holder from Toilet Roll

  1. Demi, this is beautiful! Would definitely try it, thank you! I recently got a long arm tablet from Amazon which I was able to purchase 50% off using coupon code BWFNHNHU but seeing this one, couldn’t help but do it myself!

  2. This is beautiful. I always use those toilet rolls to make my cupcake stand. Never thought it’d work as a phone holder.
    Thanks for sharing.


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